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Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Market Forecast 2019-2029

Forecasts by Investment (CAPEX & OPEX), by Source (Farm & Agriculture Residue, Sewage & Wastewater, Landfill, Other Sources), by Digester (Covered Lagoon, Complete Mix, Flow Plug Digester, Other Digester Type), Plus Leading Company Analysis and Regional and Leading National Market Analysis

PUBLISHED: 31 October 2019
PAGES: 277

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Today’s most advanced projects use anaerobic digestion to reduce GHG emissions, supply electricity to the electrical grid, generate renewable natural gas (RNG), control water pollution through the management of nutrients, and produce valuable by-products such as bedding for livestock, organic fertilizer, compost, chemicals and building materials. Also, the U.S. untapped potential for 8,000 biogas systems which is likely to be deployed in a span of 10 years from now. These developments have led Visiongain to publish this unique report, which is crucial to your companies improved success. I thought it would be of interest to you.

Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Market Forecast 2019-2029

Did you know?
• There are less than 10,00 AD facilities operational in Germany
• As of 2019, the total AD installed capacity is more than 60 MW
• Farm & Agriculture Residue remain the major source for AD facilities

Visiongain assesses that Capex and capacity of the global anaerobic digestion (AD) will reach $31.5 bn and 44 GW in 2029. Planned and upcoming AD projects is the key to driver for the double-digit growth rate till 2029, Growing demand for extracting biogas through the in-house setting-up of AD facilities serves the biggest driver of this market.

5 Reasons why you must order and read this report today:
1. Biogas industry outlook
2. Role of AD in Biogas Production/Consumption
3. List of Operational AD, Planned, and Upcoming Projects
4. U.S. and Europe likely be the most promising Markets
5. Government Regulations-

Included in the report is a lengthy discussion of the existing and upcoming AD facilities. The report includes 10 years forecast (upon which the CapEx and capacity forecasts are based), as well as laying out different types of waste source, investment options, digester types preferred for AD business.

The report provides detailed profiles of key companies operating within the Anaerobic Digestion (AD) market:
• 2G Energietechnik GmbH
• Harvest Power
• Siemens AG
• Veolia as well as key analysis and assessment of other important players

This independent, 250+ page report guarantees you will remain better informed than your competition. With 270 tables and figures examining the AD market space, the report gives you a visual, one-stop breakdown of your market. PLUS capital expenditure and capacity forecasts, as well as analysis, from 2019-2029 keeps your knowledge that one step ahead that you require to succeed.

This report is essential reading for you or anyone in the energy sector with an interest in nuclear power. Purchasing this report today will help you to recognise those important market opportunities and understand the possibilities there. I look forward to receiving your order.

Visiongain is a trading partner with the US Federal Government
CCR Ref number: KD4R6

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