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With today’s ever-growing technological landscape, those in the IT market are poised to generate big returns in the years ahead with the right insight. The increased development of new technologies and IoT devices has provided growing areas of investment for key leaders and businesses. One of the most exciting emerging trends is the increased reliance and development of new artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Although often viewed by consumers as a “novelty” technology, designers and manufacturers are breaking new ground on numerous applications involving AI.

A key emerging technology is the development and production of AI chips, a market that is expected to double in size in the years ahead, generating an estimated $10 billion (USD) by 2024. The cloud market for AI chips is broken down into several categories, such as public and private cloud services, as well as enterprise data centers. Telecom providers that rely on such technology for their network and IT applications will also play a role in the development of AI chips and technologies.

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The report will focus on the wireless infrastructure market, analysing different wireless infrastructure submarkets and solutions available in the market and the growing need for wireless infrastructure in order to cope with increasingly ubiquitous global mobile broadband demands.

19 June 2018