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  • Grid Scale Battery (GSB) Storage Market Forecast 2015-2025

    Visiongain’s comprehensive new 227 page report reveals that CAPEX invested in grid scale battery (GSB) storage technologies will reach $717.2m in 2015, with rapid growth anticipated over the next ten years. The grid scale battery (GSB) storage market is largely an emerging one, especially when compared with other energy storage systems such as the well-established pumped hydro storage. Grid scale batteries are arriving at commercial viability, having been the subject of numerous demonstration projects. They posses numerous advantages over competing technologies, such as the precision and quality of the service they can provide to grid operators and the lack of geographical constraints experienced by technologies such as CAES and PHS.
  • East African Oil & Gas Market 2015-2025

    Visiongain’s comprehensive new 262 page report reveals that the East African oil & gas market will see capex of $4.19bn in 2015, including spending on both upstream exploration & development (E&D) and midstream infrastructure. East Africa is fast becoming one of the world’s most interesting oil and gas hotspots. For many years the area was neglected by the world’s oil and gas industry, and even in Africa it was overshadowed by the rapid development in West Africa and the established markets in North Africa. However, with the discovery of both oil & gas reserves in the region over the past five years, opportunities are being created within a number of East African nations.
  • Business Jet Market Report 2015-2025

    Visiongain brand new 263 page report assesses that the business jet market will reach $21,065.5m in 2015. A strengthening global economy and a rise in the high net worth individual population mean that demand for business jets is growing. There are several major aircraft manufacturers in this market that offer a diverse portfolio of aircraft types, which fulfil a broad range of capabilities relating to performance and flight missions.
  • LNG Yearbook 2015: The Definitive Reference Guide to the Liquefied Natural Gas Infrastructure Market 2015-2025

    If you are part of the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry, you must have this definitive reference guide. Visiongain’s new 813 page LNG Yearbook 2015 from business intelligence provider visiongain compiles all of the analysis and forecasts from visiongain’s extensive database of LNG Infrastructure projects and industry knowledge of Large Scale Onshore LNG, FLNG, Small Scale LNG and LNG Carriers into one comprehensive document.
  • Ovarian Cancer Drug Therapy: Companies, R&D and Revenue Forecasts 2015-2025

    Ovarian Cancer Therapies – Explore Potentials of New Drugs, Industry Changes and Emerging Opportunities. What’s the future for treating cancer of the human ovaries? Visiongain’s new study forecasts those pharmaceutical revenues. There you find outlooks for sales growth in that industry. You also explore trends, results, treatments, R&D, and opportunities, seeing prospects.
  • Next-Generation Cancer Diagnostics Market Forecast 2015-2025

    Next-generation cancer diagnostics – our new study reveals trends, R&D progress, and predicted revenues. Where is the next-generation cancer diagnostics market heading? If you are involved in this sector you must read this brand new report. Visiongain’s report shows you the potential revenues streams to 2025, assessing data, trends, opportunities and business prospects there.

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