Worldwide Chemicals Market Reports & Forecasts

Many major industries around the world rely on chemicals in one way or another, everything from the energy sector to the agricultural market. However, the worldwide chemicals market can be a volatile one, which means businesses and leaders will need in-depth information to make key decisions in the coming years. Factors such as supply-chain issues, regulatory changes, and global risk make the worldwide chemicals market difficult to predict at times.

There are some major trends to look out for in the global chemicals market in the years to come. Sustainability will be at the forefront of industry trends, especially where the plastics market is concerned. To prevent litter and plastic waste, many manufacturers are now taking a proactive approach to sustainability, creating products with an emphasis on reuse and recycling.

Additionally, regulatory pressures to increase sustainable plastics and chemicals are opening new areas of growth and investment in the chemicals market that key stakeholders can exploit to their advantage with the right market insight.

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For more than two decades, Visiongain has had its finger on the pulse of the worldwide chemicals market, creating reports and forecasts to help industry leaders generate returns and excel. We offer reports on a range of submarkets within the chemicals industry, including agrochemicals, bulk chemicals, coatings, adhesives and sealants; as well as lubricants, petrochemicals, treatment chemicals, specialty and fine chemicals.

Visiongain offers more than 1,500 reports and market forecasts that span more than 18 market verticals.

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Latest Chemicals news

Visiongain Publishes Metallic Stearate Market Report 2020-2030

What is causing this growth in the market? Primarily it is the growing rubber and plastics industry coupled increased demand for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics from Japan, China, and India.

19 October 2020


Visiongain Publishes Europe Composites Market Report 2020-2030

The manufacture of cars and aircraft composite products plays a key role. The growing concerns about fuel consumption and pollution carbon emission rates have prompted manufacturers to replace metal parts with carbon fiber composites.

28 September 2020


Visiongain Publishes Europe Carpet Market Report 2020-2030

Growing application in the residential and non-residential industries is projected to positively influence growth as a result of the high visibility of the market in soft flooring products and good insulation properties, including floor insulation.

28 September 2020


Visiongain Publishes Essential Oils Market Report 2020-2030

Their demand in pharmaceutical and medical applications is projected to increase with numerous health benefits related to essential oils. Essential oil has no significant side-effects, unlike other traditional drugs and medications.

28 September 2020