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With the recent introduction of 5G, the telecoms market is one of today’s quickest-growing industries. The market is booming due in large part to increased digital technologies, sharing and an interconnected economy. Some of the most exciting emerging trends for stakeholders to monitor include the advent of 5G and how it’s changing the way stakeholders communicate on a global platform. Users will be able to download and share information faster than ever before.

Additionally, 5G will enable device manufacturers and app developers to expand their offerings and create exciting new consumer products. Legalized sports betting will also be another trend to monitor and telecoms businesses will be on the ground floor as states legalize betting after the Supreme Court lifted its ban last year. Edge computing is also another exciting development and will provide companies the ability to enable data aggregation and storage while saving on bandwidth costs.

Some growing concerns for those in the telecoms market include an increased focus on data privacy and security to make consumers feel more comfortable as new technologies emerge. Antitrust backlashes against large tech companies and increased regulatory scrutiny will also likely cause some market volatility.

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Latest Telecoms news

Visiongain Publishes Radio Frequency (RF) Components Market Report 2022-2032

The global radio frequency (RF) components market was valued at US$20,110 million in 2021 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 12.2% during the forecast period 2022-2032.

11 May 2022


“Radio Frequency (RF) components market is expected to demonstrate promising growth over the forecast period” says Visiongain report

This can be attributed to increasing demand for devices with wireless connectivity such as mobiles, tablets, smart TV, laptops & notebooks.

18 July 2019


“Wireless display market is expected to show promising growth during the forecast period” says Visiongain report

The market is collectively driven by availability of increasing OTT-based content, better cost saving benefits in comparison to wired connecting devices, and ease of set up.

18 July 2019


‘With The Energy, Automotive, And Healthcare Sectors Driving Demand, Leaders In Machine To Machine (M2m) Are Striving To Innovate In Tandem With A Broad Enterprise Shift Into Interconnectivity,’ Says Latest Visiongain Report

The products and strategies of 12 leading companies in the M2M market are described and assessed. 117 unique charts, figures, and tables quantify and qualify this market, with complete regional and national segmentation.

14 September 2018