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The global electronics market is one of today’s fastest-growing sectors, due in large part to the increasing popularity of digital devices and new technologies. The continued manufacturing of things like smartphones, tablets, security systems, electric vehicles, and more has made the global electronics market one of today’s most lucrative industries. However, in order to excel, key leaders and business owners need to have the most current analysis available, as well as watch emerging trends.

Some of the most noticeable trends include product design outsourcing in which OEM parts manufacturers are shifting their design and manufacturing duties to electronic manufacturing services. Robotics and automation are also playing a large role in electronics, particularly regarding the manufacturing of sensors. Virtual reality devices are also generating big attention, as well as growing demand for smart TVs and other IoT technology for household appliances.

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Latest Electronics news

Visiongain Publishes Model Based Enterprise (MBE) Market Report 2022-2032

MBE market will see remarkable growth due to rising demand for cloud-based storage systems and installations of advanced military equipment.

25 February 2022


Visiongain Publishes Direction Finder Market Report 2021-2031

The North America region is the largest market and is anticipated to grow with significant growth rates.

06 January 2022


Visiongain Publishes Commercial Lighting Market Report 2021-2031

The ongoing developments in smart cities projects across the world and integration of advanced technologies in the construction sector are some of the major factors that boosting the growth of global commercial lighting market.

06 December 2021


Visiongain Publishes Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) Market Report 2021-2031

Some of the factors that are expected to positively influence development of UTM systems include the increasing prevalence of drones used in several sectors such as delivery, agriculture, surveillance etc.

25 October 2021