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At Visiongain, it’s our goal to give you the most up-to-date information for your industry, which is why our experts only rely on the most current primary and secondary data sources. Our global maritime market reports delve into the most active submarkets, including the commercial shipping, gas, military, navigation and communications, oil and security sectors. We monitor key changes in the industry, like emerging technologies and regulations that will have an affect for years to come.

One of today’s most notable emerging technologies is the creation of autonomous and remote-control navigation platforms. For example; South Korea’s SK Telecom and Samsung Heavy Industries partnered together for a vessel test of the world’s first 5G-based autonomous/remote-control navigation technology. Thought to improve safety, the test ship is designed to monitor sailing conditions and send live data to internet-of-things (IoT) platforms.

5G technology will play a large role in the global maritime industry in the years ahead as manufacturers and commercial shipping vessels look to increase communication capabilities and provide added safety oversight.

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All the comprehensive market reports and forecasts from Visiongain are broken down to the last detail, including global and regional analyses and highlights of leading industry firms. Find everything from vessel traffic management reports to marine scrubber market forecasts, all with the most current data available.

With more than 1,500 reports and forecasts available from more than 18 market verticals, Visiongain has developed a solid reputation in the last 20 years for providing invaluable market data and insight.

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Latest Maritime news

Visiongain Publishes Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance Technology Market Report 2020-2030

The adoption of Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance Technology is expected to increase significantly due to the increasing maritime conflicts among the countries, piracy and terrorism, and the presence of high-value commercial assets in oceans.

08 September 2020


Visiongain Publishes Port and Marine Security Market Report 2020-2030

Forecast growth for the commercial transport industry for the next two decades will continue to provide challenges for the airport and marine security domain.

23 July 2020


Visiongain Publishes Sonar Systems Market Report 2020-2030

The global Sonar Systems market is expected to grow at a lucrative rate during the forecast period.

02 March 2020


Visiongain Publishes Marine Growth Removal Market Report 2020-2030

Marine growth is one of the common factors that cause problems in sea submerged equipment, machines or ships. Increase in marine growth causes environmental load on the platform which results in the likelihood of the failure of the platform.

02 March 2020