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Meat Substitutes Market Report 2018-2028

Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP), Mycoprotein (Quorn), Pea Protein, Tofu, Tempeh, Seitan, Other meat alternatives and Analysis of Leading Companies Pinnacle Foods, MGP Ingredients, Monde Nissin, Kellogg Company, Hain Celestial, Beyond Meat, Amy’s Kitchen, Blue Chip Group, Atlantic Natural Foods, Fry Group Foods

PUBLISHED: 21 March 2018
PAGES: 165

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The global meat substitutes market has experienced a rapid growth in recent years. Visiongain predicts that in 2018, the market will be worth $4.3bn. The market will grow to $5,810.4m by 2022 at a CAGR of 7.7%. Meat substitutes are a part of the wider free-from trend, which is driven by increasing concerns about meta consumption, and the health & wellness trend. 

The growing global population is also a significant driver of the market. The UN projections show that by 2050, the global population will reach 8.9 billion people, increasing by 47% since 2000. 

In this light, alternative sources of protein such a meat substitutes become an important factor in sustainable development. Considering that raising livestock requires a lot of water, land and animal feed, as well as producing a lot of waste, plant-based proteins are becoming a tool, which can potentially help to solve these problems. 

The meat alternatives market is relatively small today, but all the factors analysed in this report illustrate that the industry will exhibit significant growth in the next ten years, providing excellent commercial opportunities.

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Learn About the Future Meat Substitutes Industry Outlook- The meat substitutes regional market forecasts will confirm and underpin your own analysis 

Keep Up To Speed With Meat Substitutes Types – Find 7 submarket forecasts revealing which type will prevail 
• Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) meat substitutes forecast 2018-2028
• Mycoprotein (Quorn) meat substitutes forecast 2018-2028
• Pea Protein meat substitutes forecast 2018-2028
• Tofu meat substitutes forecast 2018-2028
• Tempeh meat substitutes forecast 2018-2028
• Seitan meat substitutes forecast 2018-2028
• Other meat substitutes forecast 2018-2028

Stay Informed About Meat Substitutes 
• Read the latest meat substitutes industry news with fresh analysis of ‘Free From’ Meat-Free Analogues & Alternatives to maintain your competitive edge.

Save Time Researching The Competitive Landscape With Profiles of The 10 Leading Companies 
• Amy’s Kitchen
• Atlantic Natural Foods
• Beyond Meat
• Blue Chip Group
• Fry Group Foods
• Hain Celestial
• Kellogg Company
• MGP Ingredients
• Monde Nissin
• Pinnacle Foods

Reinforce Your Business Case For Meat Substitutes 
• Substantiate you research proposal with our regional forecasts from 2018-2028
• U.S. meat substitutes forecast 2018-2028
• Canada meat substitutes forecast 2018-2028
• Mexico meat substitutes forecast 2018-2028
• Brazil meat substitutes forecast 2018-2028
• Rest of Latin America meat substitutes forecast 2018-2028
• UK meat substitutes forecast 2018-2028
• Germany meat substitutes forecast 2018-2028
• Italy meat substitutes forecast 2018-2028
• France meat substitutes forecast 2018-2028
• Spain meat substitutes forecast 2018-2028
• Rest of Europe meat substitutes forecast 2018-2028
• China meat substitutes forecast 2018-2028
• India meat substitutes forecast 2018-2028
• ASEAN meat substitutes forecast 2018-2028
• ANZ meat substitutes forecast 2018-2028
• RoAPEJ meat substitutes forecast 2018-2028
• RoW meat substitutes forecast 2018-2028

Meat Substitutes Market Report 2018-2028

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• Find 160 tables, charts & graphs that you can utilise to illustrate your point in your meat substitutes investment proposal.

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• All stakeholders within the food industry
• Meat substitutes companies
• Food manufacturers
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• Health food companies
• Food wholesalers
• Food retailers
• Ingredient suppliers 
• Food technologists
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