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Global Land Drill Rigs Market Analysis to 2030

Forecasts by Rig Type (Conventional Rigs & Mobile Rigs), by Power (2500) Hp) AND by Region PLUS Profiles of Leading Companies in the Land Drill Rigs Market

PUBLISHED: 13 February 2020
PAGES: 163

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Visiongain has calculated that the global Land Drill Rigs market will see a capital expenditure (CAPEX) of $43,454.1mn in 2020. Read on to discover the potential business opportunities available.

Land drilling comprises nearly 65% of the overall oil and gas drilling and production of oil across the globe. This number is expected to rise in the near future despite the growing awareness among the consumers regarding green energy and alternate energy sources.

Land drilling or onshore drilling is often the preferred choice of contractors that enter into oil and gas drilling sector due to certain obvious parameters. These parameters include, capital expenditure, maintenance, availability of workforce, and technical expertise. An average cost of setting up an onshore drilling rig is ten times less than that of an offshore drilling rig.

The major factors that contribute towards the growth of land drilling rigs market include increasing onshore oil production, low operational cost and high demand of land drilling rigs, and advancement in drilling technology and inspection services.

Onshore drilling is one of the major sources for oil extraction to meet the high demands from Asian, European, and the Middle East for petroleum. The consumption of oil is nearly 35 billion barrels per year across the globe which constitutes nearly 100 million barrels in a day.

Visiongain’s global Land Drill Rigs market report can keep you informed and up to date with the developments in the market, across six different regions: North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and South America.

With reference to this report, it details the key investments trend in the global market, subdivided by regions, capital expenditure, rig type and power. Through extensive secondary research and interviews with industry experts, Visiongain has identified a series of market trends that will impact the Land Drill Rigs market over the forecast timeframe.

The report will answer questions such as:
• How is global the land drill rigs market evolving?
• What is driving and restraining the land drill rigs market?
• What are the market shares of each segment of the overall land drill rigs market in 2020?
• How will each land drill rig submarket segment grow over the forecast period and how much revenue will these submarkets account for in 2030?
• How will the market shares for each land drill rigs submarket develop from 2020 to 2030?
• Which individual technologies will prevail and how will these shifts be responded to?
• What will be the main driver of the overall market from 2020 to 2030?
• How will political and regulatory factors influence the regional markets and submarkets?
• Will leading national land drill rigs markets broadly follow the macroeconomic dynamics, or will individual national markets outperform others?
• How will the market shares of the national markets change by 2030 and which geographical region will lead the market in 2030?
• Who are the leading players and what are their prospects over the forecast period?
• What are the predictions for M&A activity, consolidation for existing players and the potential prospects for new market entrants?
• How will the industry evolve during the period between 2020 and 2030?

Five Reasons Why You Must Order and Read This Report Today:

1) The report provides forecasts for the global Land Drill Rigs market, by Rig Type for the period 2020-2030
• Mobil Rig CAPEX 2020-2030
• Conventional Rig CAPEX 2020-2030

2) The report also forecasts and analyses the Land Drill Rigs market by Power from 2020-2030
• Less than 1500 hp CAPEX 2020-2030
• 1500 hp to 2500 hp CAPEX 2020-2030
• More than 2500 hp CAPEX 2020-2030

3) The report reveals where and how companies are investing in Land Drill Rigs. We show you the prospects for the following regions, including individual breakdowns by Rig Type and Power:

• Nigeria CAPEX 2020-2030
• Algeria CAPEX 2020-2030
• Angola CAPEX 2020-2030
• Rest of Africa CAPEX 2020-2030

Asia Pacific
• India CAPEX 2020-2030
• China CAPEX 2020-2030
• Indonesia CAPEX 2020-2030
• Rest of Asia-Pacific CAPEX 2020-2030

North America
• U.S. CAPEX 2020-2030
• Canada CAPEX 2020-2030
• Mexico CAPEX 2020-2030

• Russia CAPEX 2020-2030
• Kazakhstan CAPEX 2020-2030
• UK CAPEX 2020-2030
• Rest of Europe CAPEX 2020-2030

South America
• Brazil CAPEX 2020-2030
• Argentina CAPEX 2020-2030
• Colombia CAPEX 2020-2030
• Venezuela CAPEX 2020-2030
• Rest of South America CAPEX 2020-2030

Middle East
• UAE CAPEX 2020-2030
• Saudi Arabia CAPEX 2020-2030
• Kuwait CAPEX 2020-2030
• Iran CAPEX 2020-2030
• Iraq CAPEX 2020-2030
• Rest of Middle East CAPEX 2020-2030

Global Land Drill Rigs Market Analysis to 2030

4) The report includes Details of Recent Developments including company Mergers and Acquisitions Land Drill Rigs market
• Date
• Approach
• Details

5) The report provides market share and detailed profiles of the leading companies operating within the Land Drill Rigs market:
• KCA Deutag
• Nabors Industries Ltd.
• Cactus Drilling Company, LLC
• SDP Services Ltd.
• Drillmec Inc.
• Marriott Drilling Ltd.
• China Oilfield Services Ltd.
• Helmerich & Payne, Inc
• Parker Drilling
• Patterson-UTI Energy, Inc

This independent 163-page report guarantees you will remain better informed than your competitors. With 205 tables and figures examining the Land Drill Rigs market space, the report gives you a direct, detailed breakdown of the market. PLUS, Capital expenditure by Rig Type and Power, as well as in-depth analysis of company Mergers and Acquisitions that will keep your knowledge that one step ahead of your rivals.

This report is essential reading for you or anyone in the Oil and Gas sector. Purchasing this report today will help you to recognise those important market opportunities and understand the possibilities there. I look forward to receiving your order.

Buy our report today Land Drill Rigs Market Analysis. Avoid missing out by staying informed – order our report now.

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