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Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) Composites Market Report 2020-2030

Forecast Data & Outlook by Application: Aerospace (Commercial, Military, Business Jet, Helicopter), Automotive (Interior, Chassis & Body Component, Engine & Drivetrain, Other), Energy (Wind Power, Oil & Gas, Pressure Vessels), Construction, Sporting Equipment and Others) and by Manufacturing Process (Prepreg Layup, Pultrusion & Winding, Wet Lamination & Infusion, Press & Injection, Others) Plus Analysis of Top Companies and Regional and National Market Analysis

PUBLISHED: 09 December 2019
PAGES: 229
SUBMARKET: Composites

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Are you looking for a definitive report on the $31.56bn Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) Composites sector?

Carbon fibre is a continuing success story becoming recognised as a strong resilient and lightweight composite material that is a substitute for heavier steel and aluminium within multiple industry applications including aerospace, automotive, energy, construction, and sporting equipment. Hitherto, carbon fibre’s prohibitive cost had limited its application to exotic, premium products such as motorsport, sports cars and luxury yachts. However, due to advances in the manufacturing process, and economies of scale, the cost of CFRP has gradually become more affordable allowing a wider range of applications in a number of key industries and even penetrating into mainstream consumer goods.

With this definitive 227-page report you will receive a highly granular market analysis segmented by region, by application and by manufacturing process, providing you with that complete industry outlook, essential for your business strategy.

Key benefits

Discover where the CFRP business opportunities are
• 198 tables, charts, and graphs reveal market data allowing you to target your strategy more effectively

Understand how the CFRP market will develop?
• Global, regional and CFRP submarket forecasts and analysis from 2020-2030 illustrate the market progression

See which CFRP composites application submarkets will expand in Volume (MT) & market value ($m) from 2020-2030

Aerospace CFRP Forecasts 2020-2030
• Commercial Aircraft CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• Military Aircraft CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• Business Jet CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• Helicopter CFRP Forecast 2020-2030

Automotive CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• Interior Components CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• Body Components CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• Engine & Drivetrain CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• Other Components CFRP Forecast 2020-2030

Energy CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• Wind Power CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• Oil & Gas CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• Fuel Cells CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• High Pressure Vessels CFRP Forecast 2020-2030

Construction CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
Sporting Equipment CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
Others CFRP Forecast 2020-2030

Learn which CFRP manufacturing process submarket will thrive from 2020-2030
• Prepreg Layup CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• Pultrusion & Winding CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• Wet Lamination & Infusion CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• Press & Injection CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• Others CFRP Forecast 2020-2030

Locate the regional CFRP market opportunities from 2020-2030

North America CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• US CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• Rest of North America CFRP Forecast 2020-2030

Europe CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• Germany CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• U.K. CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• French CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• Italian CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• Spanish CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• Russian CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• Rest of Europe CFRP Forecast 2020-2030

Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) Composites Market Report 2020-2030

Asia Pacific CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• China CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• Japan CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• Indian CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• Malaysian CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• Rest of Asia-Pacific CFRP Forecast 2020-2030

Rest of the World CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• Brazil CFRP Forecast 2020-2030
• South Africa CFRP Forecast 2020-2030

Evaluate the factors influencing CFRP market dynamics
• SWOT analysis explores the factors
• Research and development (R&D) strategy
• Technological issues and constraints
• Supply and demand dynamics
• Competition from other materials
• Advances in product quality

Discover who the leading CFRP companies are including market share (%) analysis
• Toray
• Hexcel
• Solvay SA
• Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings
• Teijin
• SGL Group
• DowAksa
• Kureha Corporation
• Hyosung

Who should read this report?
Composite textile manufacturers
• Carbon fibre companies
• Carbon fibre textile producers
• Prepreg manufacturers
• Long and short fibre compound producers
• Carbon fibre sheet moulding compound (SMC) manufacturers
• Precursor produces
• Carbon composite part manufacturers
• Process equipment manufacturers
• Oil & gas companies
• Sports equipment manufacturers
• Renewable energy companies
• Chemical companies
• Suppliers
• Contractors
• Technologists
• R&D staff
• Consultants
• Analysts
• CEO’s
• CIO’s
• COO’s
• Business development managers
• Investors
• Governments
• Agencies
• Industry organisations

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