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Visiongain Publishes Port and Marine Security Market Report 2020-2030

23 July 2020

Visiongain has launched a new report Port and Marine Security Market Report 2020-2030: Forecasts by Vertical (Airport, Marine Port), by Technology (Surveillance Systems, Physical Access Control Systems, Screening and Scanning Systems, Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems, Network Access Control and Security, Real Time Location Systems), Services (Facility Asset Management, System Integration, Training and Consulting) with Regional and National Market Analysis and Financial Analysis of Leading Companies.

Global port and maritime security market is projected to reach $xyz billion by 2030, exhibiting a CAGR of around xyz% during the forecast period. Growing requirement for the security of ports and related infrastructure in order to carry out international trade through sea and air routes is the key factor for the growth of port and maritime security across the globe.

To access the data contained in this document please email contactus@visiongain.com

Forecast growth for the commercial transport industry for the next two decades will continue to provide challenges for the airport and marine security domain. The principle issue focuses on how to deliver effective security whilst maintaining efficient throughput rates of passengers, baggage and cargo. Airport and marine security checkpoints are renowned for creating bottlenecks in passenger movement processes and can lead to lengthy queues. These delays can be costly for airlines and marine ways and their operators, as well as causing a negative experience for passengers. Other drivers in ports security include:
• Developments and innovation in security technologies;
• Changes to port’s security regulations to enhance protection against evolving threats.

By Technology, The surveillance system is expected to grow with the highest market size, as video surveillance cameras has been playing an important role in port security from decades. The recent trends are now shifting from analog surveillance to IP video surveillance due to the better image quality and durability

On a regional basis, it is likely that Asia Pacific region, particularly Southeast Asia, and the Middle East will continue to contribute major growth for the airport and marine port security industry. Strong growth rates in the wider air transport sector is leading to investment in new or expanded airport and marine port infrastructure which will require additional security equipment for screening, access control, surveillance and perimeter defences. Demand for additional systems or equipment is often a catalyst to deploy new state-of-the-art equipment and upgrade existing systems. There is a potential growth in airport and marine port security elsewhere in the world.

Leading companies featured in the Port And Maritime Security Market Report 2020-2030 report include Siemens AG, SAAB AB, Honeywell International, Raytheon, Tyco International, Bosch Security Systems, L3Harris, Unisys Corporation, HCL Infosystems Ltd, and FLIR Systems. New product development and acquisition of new contracts are the key strategies adopted by companies to defend against the rising threat from cybersecurity.  

The comprehensive report provides market estimates and forecasts for leading domestic markets across the world for the period from 2020 to 2030. In addition, the report includes 10 dedicated leading companies in port and marine security market.

The report on the Port And Maritime Security Market Report 2020-2030 will appreciate anyone who wants to better understand the market in different verticals. It will be useful for companies that want to better understand the part of the market in which they are already involved or those that want to enter or expand into another regional or technical part of the port and maritime security industry.

Visiongain's timely report reveals how best to compete in this profitable market space and maximize your company's potential.

This report addresses the pertinent issues:
– Where are the most lucrative market prospects?
– Who are the leadings companies and what does the competitive landscape look like?
– What are the regional, technical and regulatory barriers to market entry?
– What are the technological issues and roadmap driving the market?
– Why is the market prospering and how can you fully exploit this?
– When will the market fully mature and why?

Research and Analysis Highlights
99 Tables, Charts and Graphs Illustrating the Port And Maritime Security Market Prospects

Market Segmentation 2020-2030:
The global port and maritime security market is segmented on the basis of Vertical, Technology, Services, and geography.

Port And Maritime Security Submarket Forecasts by Technology Covering the Period 2020-2030 ($M)
– Surveillance Systems Market Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)
– Physical Access Control Systems, Market Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)
– Screening and Scanning Systems Market Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)
– Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems Market Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)
– Network Access Control and Security Market Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)
– Real Time Location Systems Market Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)

Port And Maritime Security Submarket Forecasts by Vertical Covering the Period 2020-2030 ($M)
– Airport Market Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)
– Marine Port, Market Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)

Port And Maritime Security Submarket Forecasts by Services Covering the Period 2020-2030 ($M)
– Facility Asset Management Market Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)
– System Integration, Market Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)
– Training and Consulting Market Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)

Regional Port And Maritime Security Market Forecasts 2020-2030:

North America Port And Maritime Security Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)
– US Market Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)
– Canada Market Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)

Europe Port And Maritime Security Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)
– UK Market Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)
– France Market Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)
– Spain Market Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)
– Greece Market Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)
– Russia Market Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)
– Rest of Europe Market Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)

Asia Pacific Port And Maritime Security Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)
– China Market Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)
– India Market Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)
– Australia Market Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)
– RoAPAC Market Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)

Middle East Port And Maritime Security Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)
– Turkey Market Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)
– Rest of Middle East Market Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)

Rest of the World Port And Maritime Security Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)
– Latin America Market Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)
– Africa Market Forecast 2020-2030 ($M)

Profiles of 10 Leading Companies, Involved in Port And Maritime Security Market
– Siemens AG
– Honeywell International
– Raytheon
– Tyco International
– Bosch Security Systems
– L3Harris
– Unisys Corporation
– HCL Infosystems Ltd
– FLIR Systems

SWOT And Porter's Five Forces Analysis

Notes for Editors
If you are interested in a more detailed overview of this report, please send an e-mail to sara.peerun@visiongain.com or call her on +44 (0) 20 7549 9987.

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