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Visiongain Publishes Marine Growth Removal Market Report 2020-2030

02 March 2020

Visiongain has launched a new report Marine Growth Removal Market Report 2020-2030: Forecasts by Industry (Shipping, Energy & Utilities), by Tools (Riser/Mooring Line Cleaning Tool, Remotely Operated Cleaning Devices, Cavitation Jets and Riser Cleaning and Inspection Tool), Major Developments, Signed Contracts and Companies Market Share Analysis.

Marine growth is one of the common factors that cause problems in sea submerged equipment, machines or ships. Increase in marine growth causes environmental load on the platform which results in the likelihood of the failure of the platform. Marine growth usually accumulates on the legs and bracing with time. Due to accumulation, the diameter of the members affected by waves will increase, which results in the increase of lateral load due to waves as well with time and can become perilous if the marine growth thickness increases more than the predicted marine growth thickness in design. Thus, it is necessary to remove marine growth to ensure safe operation and enhance the structural capacity.

This problem is particularly pertinent to platforms and structures in warm, temperate waters, such as West Africa, the Gulf of Mexico and the Mediterranean where marine growth proliferates under these favourable sea conditions. Until now, this problem could only be addressed by employing commercial divers to manually clear the debris. This was later replaced by large hydraulic ROV's. These are also not a viable option as their large dimensions restricted entrance inside the subsea structures and limited their manoeuvrability around critical zones The evolution of the powerful, compact electric ROV's has allowed companies to innovative and highly effective ROV supported cleaning system.

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Companies operating in the sub-sea cleaning solution which includes product and services offer customized equipment to successful cleaning for various complex cleaning assignments. There is a wide range of marine growth removal tools offered by the companies for cleaning marine fouling from a range of structures. These tools are used for removing both hard and soft fouling, subsea and topside. Technologically advanced tools currently available are hydraulically powered and can be operated remotely from the deck of the vessel or platform.

Some of the major companies operating in the global marine growth removal tool market are Claxton Engineering Services LTD, IAS Group, VLN Advanced Technologies, Seatools, Proserv, Ashtead Technology, Oil Field Testing Services Ltd., Marine Engineering Diving Services (MEDS), CaviDine LLC, Wals Diving, Marine Service and Deepwater Corrosion Services, Inc.

Some of the other companies operating in the market include Brandt Consolidated, Inc., Acadian Seaplants, Gelymar, Season International, and Algae the arctic company. These players are focussing on introducing novel products to carve their position in the global Marine Growth Removal market.

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