Aviation Case Studies

Case 1: On-demand report

A leading consultant based in the Asia Paciifc region, approached Visiongain as they were interested in obtaining more information on the aircraft battery market. Our Intelligence Centre worked closely with their team and produced a detailed TOC which was given the go-ahead by the client. They were happy with the subsequent results and purchased the Visiongain report: Global Aircraft Battery Market Report 2019-2029.

Case 2: Off-the-shelf report

A leading American conglomerate was looking into our syndicated report: Commercial Aircraft Disassembly, Dismantling & Recycling Market Report 2018-2028. They needed more information on the country breakdown in the report as well as further information with regards to the sub-markets covered in the research piece. Visiongain responded to them with by liaising with their Intelligence Centre, giving the client all the necessary collateral and sample pages that backed up the report coverage. The client was happy with the material and went ahead and purchased the report

Case 3: Off-the-shelf report

A multinational engineering firm approached Visiongain as they were interested in our Radome Market Outlook Report 2018-2028 report. They had some further questions about the report coverage with regards to the contents pertaining to the leading company analysis part of the report. We provided all the necessary information, including methodology documents and some relevant unredacted sample pages, while checking with our Intelligence Centre team. The client was happy with our feedback and went ahead and purchased the Radome Market Outlook Report 2018-2028.

Case 4: Add-on report

A company that provides satellite and tracking communication systems was interested in being mentioned in our report entitled Commercial Aircraft Health Monitoring Systems (AHMS) Market Report 2018-2028. We liaised with our Intelligence Centre who verified as to their suitability to be included in the report, it was given the green light and the Visiongain analyst put together relevant research material about the company in question, and they were incorporated into the report. The company subsequently decided to buy the report for their own competitive analysis team and marketing departments.

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