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With unparalleled knowledge of the markets we study, our consultants provide quality research specifically for you. We assist our clients in researching mergers and acquisitions, accessing new markets, competitor analysis, and negotiating and structuring deals. We can also advise clients strategically on advertising, marketing or PR.


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  1. Cyber Security Market 2015-2025

    Cyber Security Market 2015-2025

    The cyber security market is currently undergoing unprecedented growth and development due to a wide variety of internal and external factors. Almost every month a major cyber event occurs which forces security to the top of the news agenda, encouraging governments to pass new legislation and expand their defences and capabilities. Although for the most part limited to the disruption of web services or the theft of data, enough has happened for many leaders to consider cyber issues a national concern, relevant enough to feature into all future strategic military and security planning. visiongain has assessed that the value of the global cyber security market in 2015 will reach $75.4bn.

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  2. Top 15 Defence Companies Competing in the Middle East Defence Market 2015

    Top 15 Defence Companies Competing in the Middle East Defence Market 2015

    The Middle East defence market is certainly among the world’s most densely populated and well funded markets. Military expenditures in the region continue to be high, with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates among the world’s top 10 defence spenders. Defence funding in the region per capita outstrips that of any other geographical region worldwide. Both large and small international military and defence companies compete heavily within this market driven by declining military spending across Europe and the United States. Many of the Middle East’s biggest spenders, historically heavily depended on the Western nations, particularly the US, for their military imports, are now consciously looking into diversifying their provider base – a significant recent development contributing to the growth of the local, mostly Turkish, defence industry.

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  3. Military Platform Lifetime Support Services Market 2015-2025

    Military Platform Lifetime Support Services Market 2015-2025

    Military platforms form the basis of the ability of states to conduct military activities in the modern world. Used to combat adversaries, these assets also serve to coerce potential enemies through the threat of force or the demonstration of would-be combat. Similarly, military platforms are used to deter aggression from adversaries through the demonstration of military capability – and thus ability – to harm a potential opponent to a level at which any potential political gain would be nullified. Military powers seeking to project force globally require military platforms – predominantly naval, space and airborne platforms – to cross large distances and deliver the threat or realisation of force.

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