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With unparalleled knowledge of the markets we study, our consultants provide quality research specifically for you. We assist our clients in researching mergers and acquisitions, accessing new markets, competitor analysis, and negotiating and structuring deals. We can also advise clients strategically on advertising, marketing or PR.


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  1. Armoured Vehicle Upgrade & Retrofit Market Forecast 2014-2024

    Armoured Vehicle Upgrade & Retrofit Market Forecast 2014-2024

    With pressures on defence budgets, upgrades and retrofits to armoured vehicles provide a less costly alternative to new acquisitions. Many armoured vehicles can serve for many more years if given upgrades. The withdrawal of US-led forces in Afghanistan by the end of 2014 is expected to shift the focus away from land systems and the upgrading of existing armoured vehicle fleets provide a cost-effective way of keeping the required numbers in service. Visiongain has calculated that the value of the global armoured vehicle upgrade & retrofit market in 2014 will reach $4.76bn.

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  2. Top 20 Cyber Security Companies 2014

    Top 20 Cyber Security Companies 2014

    The global cyber security market is highly competitive and substantially fragmented. The 20 leading companies in the market are primarily US based IT and defence companies, with the rise of defence contractors one of the key recent developments in the market's competitive landscape. Leading US defence contractors have emerged as a powerful group in the market, primarily as a result of their expertise in the wider defence and security sectors.

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  3. Cyberwarfare Market Forecast 2014-2024

    Cyberwarfare Market Forecast 2014-2024

    The global cyberwarfare market is currently, despite sustained attention and prior spending, still very much a formative presence in the global defence and security industry, lacking either clear direction (or even formal definition). Substantial debate remains as to whether 'cyberwarfare' is more properly an appendage of 'information war,' or retains the properties of other military sectors (such as electronic warfare). Yet, despite lacking a clear conceptual framework, spending in the cyberwarfare market is already substantial, as a range of governments and global military organisations move to secure their networks and is expected to increase further over the course of the forecast period, 2014-2024.

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