Defence Case Studies

Case 1: Off-the-shelf report

A key player within the defence market was interested in our Military Augmented Reality (MAR) Technologies Market Report 2018-2028, after seeing a press release of our report on the PR Newswire services. But the client wanted to know if our MAR report covered their main competitors and their future plans. We liaised with our Intelligence Centre giving our client a speedy response with relevant sample pages from the report as further evidence that the report would meet their research needs. Our client was happy with the feedback and went ahead and purchased the Military Augmented Reality (MAR) Technologies Market Report 2018-2028.

Case 2: Add-on report

A leading company specialised in creating hardware and software solutions approached Visiongain as they wanted a comprehensive piece of competitor analysis on the Counter UAV market; as well as some specific country coverage including the Asia/Pac region and LATAM.

Visiongain had an updated C-UAV report in the early stages of production so their Intelligence Centre worked closely with the client in ensuring that we included the information needed by our client into the forthcoming report, thereby meeting all their deliverables at no extra cost to the client.

The client was extremely satisfied with the end-product that Visiongain published and purchased the syndicated report: Counter-UAV (C-UAV) Market Report 2019-2029.

Case 3: On-demand report

An independent Research & Development corporation approached Visiongain as the wanted a report that covered the Ground Surveillance radar market report. We liaised with our Intelligence Centre and produced a full report ToC. The client was satisfied with the contents within the Table of contents and went ahead and purchased the report, which was subsequently put out as a syndicated report: Global Ground Surveillance Radar Market Report 2019-2029.

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