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“Visiongain identifies the Top 20 Companies Developing Autonomous Vehicles (AV) Technologies”

16 October 2018

Visiongain has launched a new automotive report Top 20 Companies Developing Autonomous Vehicles (AV) Technologies 2018: R&D Spending Analysis, Financials & Key Strategies for the Leading Companies Developing Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) Technologies & the Roadmap Towards Driverless & Self-Driving Cars.

Autonomous vehicles that were a fiction only a decade ago are now becoming a reality. The automotive industry is investing heavily in autonomous vehicle technology. Already some car manufacturers have presented their early versions of autonomous vehicles. Even though the technology is costly and seen in the premium vehicles segment, manufacturers are seeking ways to lower the costs in the future, providing accessibility to their vehicles for more customers. Already, the autonomous vehicles poses significant opportunities and benefits affecting the mobility, society, and economy, as a wide range of industries will be involved. However, the potential impact in terms of penetration, timing and uptake remain uncertain.

Autonomous vehicles are seen as the next step in driving and are regarded as having even more impact on society than when the first vehicles were introduced to the world. Today, technological advancement has allowed manufacturers to revolutionise not only the vehicle itself, but the mindset of people. The digital world is affecting mankind in almost every aspect of life and connecting technology around humans is a big step forward. The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) is already playing a significant role in people’s lives, while more and more technology is being connected around us.

The Visiongain report analyst commented "The growth of the autonomous vehicle sector is largely dependent on the levels of penetration and associated costs. Car manufacturers have different views on how the autonomous vehicle would actually function. A few are relying on the sensors and cameras of the vehicle, as it provides real time data for the car to position itself in the traffic. Other manufacturers use high resolution maps for navigation. And some manufacturers are seeing the autonomous vehicles connecting to each other on the road, forming trains of cars following each other. However, if these technologies would be combined, the level of autonomous vehicle advancement would significantly increase. Nevertheless, the cost of the technology still remains relatively high and while the level of penetration is low, car makers are considering opportunities for lowering the final price of the vehicle."

Leading companies featured in the report who are developing autonomous vehicle technologies include Daimler AG, Apple Inc., Volkswagen Group, Robert Bosch GmbH, Microsoft Corporation, General Motors Co., Honda Motor Co. , Ford Motor Company, Nissan Motor Company, BMW Group, Hyundai Motor Group, Delphi Automotive PLC, AB Volvo, Toyota Motor Corporation, Google Inc., Nvidia Corporation, Baidu Inc., Groupe PSA, Mobileye, Tesla Motors

This 173 page report offers insights into the competitive landscape of the autonomous vehicle technologies market. By ordering a Visiongain report, you can inform your approach to the market.

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