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Global Ophthalmic Knives Market Report 2019-2029

Analysis by Product Type (Reusable, Single-Use), by Type (Straight Knives, Crescent Knives, Slit Knives, MVR Knives, Stab Knives, Others), by Application (Cataract Surgery, Keratitis Surgery, Glaucoma Surgery, Others), by End User (Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Clinics), by Blade Type (Diamond, Stainless Steel, Others) Company and Country Analysis and Forecasts

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Market Definition:
• Ophthalmic Knives are high quality micro-surgical knives which are used during ophthalmic surgeries. The global ophthalmic knives market is estimated to grow with a CAGR 5.4% during the forecast period.
• There are various types of ophthalmic knives available in the market to perform different surgeries. Some of the blades which are used commonly are straight knives, crescent knives, slit knives, MVR knives and others.
• The surgical blades are manufactured from a different metal alloy with its blade being made from different variations as per the requirement so that there are less surgical scars and promote quicker healing time due to their precise nature. These blades require extra-levels of maintenance and care due to the low tolerance nature.

Market Overview and Trends
• Ophthalmic Knives are used during the surgery of the patients suffering from ophthalmic diseases such as cataracts, keratosis and others.
• The companies are developing new types of knifes for the treatment based on different grates of stainless steel.
• Novartis had an agreement with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited for acquiring the assets associated with Xiidra, (lifitegrast ophthalmic solution) 5% globally. The acquisition will strengthen the position of the company in the market.
• Increasing adoption of minimally invasive surgeries also increases the demand for ophthalmic knifes.
• Availability of various designs of knives is expected to increase the applications of ophthalmic knives. Slit knives segment is accounted to experience steep growth due to their increasing applications for entry in anterior chamberin ophthalmic surgical procedures.

Market Dynamics:

Factors Influencing the Market Growth:
• Growth of the medical devices industry, coupled with the adoption of complimentary diagnostic devices.
• Growing incidence of ophthalmic diseases such as glaucoma, keratosis, and cataract.
• Focus of ophthalmic knives manufacturers towards expanding their product portfolio.

Factors Restraining the Market Growth:
• High cost of the ophthalmic knives
• Fluctuating market prices

Market Segmentation 2019-2029:

• Straight Knives Market, 2019-2029
• Crescent Knives Market, 2019-2029
• Slit Knives Market, 2019-2029
• MVR Knives Market, 2019-2029
• Stab Knives Market, 2019-2029
• Others Market, 2019-2029

Product Type
• Reusable Market, 2019-2029
• Single-Use Market, 2019-2029

• Cataract Surgery Market, 2019-2029
• Keratitis Surgery Market, 2019-2029
• Glaucoma Surgery Market, 2019-2029
• Others, 2019-2029

End User
• Hospitals Market, 2019-2029
• Ambulatory Surgery Centers Market, 2019-2029
• Clinics Market, 2019-2029

Blade Type
• Diamond Market, 2019-2029
• Stainless Steel Market, 2019-2029
• Others Market, 2019-2029

Geographic breakdown
Focused regional forecasts and analysis explore the future opportunities:
• North America Market, 2019-2029
• Europe Market, 2019-2029
• Asia-Pacific Market, 2019-2029
• Middle East Market, 2019-2029
• Africa Market, 2019-2029

Competitive Analysis:
• There is new development of knives for surgeries in companies operating in the Ophthalmic Knives Market.
• Companies are strategically expanding their global presence and offering improved Ophthalmic Knives technology. Recently, Surgical Specialties Corporation launches caliber ophthalmic division to focus on global growth of ophthalmic surgical procedures.
• North America is the dominating region for ophthalmic knives due to emerging companies are focusing on this region. Moreover, the minimal invasive surgery is also expanding the market in the region. However, Asia-Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing region during the forecast period due to increasing surgical institutes and hospitals in the region.
• As consumers have several product options to choose from, innovative product development and differentiation could act as profit-gaining strategy for upcoming ophthalmic knives market players.

Major Market Players:
• Optiedge, Paramount Surgimed Ltd., Surgistar, Ophtechnics Unlimited, Sidapharm, Diamatrix Ltd., Bausch & Lomb Incorporated , Unique Technologies Inc., HAI Laboratories, Inc., MANI, INC., Novartis AG, Alcon Vision LLC, Teleflex Incorporated, Surgical Specialties Corporation, pfm medical ag, Surgi Edge, Eagle Labs, Shah Eye Care Pvt. Ltd, DGH Technology, Inc., Hoya Corporation, Essilor, Seiko Optical Products Co Ltd, Topcon Corporation , Ziemer Group and BVI

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