Pharma Case Studies

Case 1: Off-the-shelf report

A leading Pharma company in Asia-Pac were interested in the pre-filled syringes market because they wanted to know gather more information about their competitors worldwide.

They needed a market report that would cover PFS information on a global scale such as EU5, Asia-Pac, US, and BRIC economies. The report also covered information on leading players within this market.

The client purchased Visiongain’s report entitled Top Pre-Filled Injection Device Manufacturers 2018-2028. The research piece was very pertinent to them as it covered critical information on leading players within this market. As they needed the information straight away, and the report was an off the shelf product, they managed to start on the data analysis straight away on receipt of the report.


Case 2: Report Add-on

A leading established Contract Manufacturing Organisation (CMO) was interested in the Clinical trials market, specifically the Chinese market.

They needed information on the growth and prospects of Clinical trials within China as they wanted to invest within the market.

Visiongain’s report Clinical Trial Supply and Logistics Market for Pharma 2019-2029 report features China however the client requested some additional information to gain a deeper understanding of the market.

The CMO company purchased our report Clinical Trial Supply and Logistics Market for Pharma 2019-2029 along with an add-on focussed on the Chinese market. This was beneficial for them, as they received additional information from us, and we managed to deliver the work within the requested time frame.


Case 3: On-demand report

A leading American multinational conglomerate came to Visiongain with the request of information on mRNA.

They were highly interested in information on the regulatory environment for the mRNA market, however we did not have any reports readily available at the time of their request.

We were more than happy to provide an on-demand report for the client. The client told us what they wanted to see in the report, and we generated a full Table of Content based on their requirements.

Once they agreed on the TOC, we delivered a report that contained all information they were looking for to meet their requirements. They were pleased with the content and our timely delivery of the report.

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