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The Prostate Cancer Therapeutics Market Will Be Worth Over $12.5bn In 2020 Predicts New Visiongain Report

06 September 2018

A new report by visiongain predicts that the prostate cancer market will reach $12.5bn in 2020. This forecast and others appear in The Prostate Cancer Market 2016-2026: Increasing Incidence and Promising New Therapies to Drive Market Growth, published in April 2016. Visiongain is a business information provider based in London, UK.

This report examines the current and future trends in the prostate cancer therapeutics market. Prostate cancer, also called carcinoma of the prostate, is a form of cancer which originates in the prostate; a walnut-shaped gland in the male reproductive system. The prostate is an exocrine gland located in the front of rectum and below the urinary bladder. Similarly to other types of cancer, carcinomas of the prostate advance through the blood and lymph nodes if left untreated. However, the rate of growth tends to be very slow compared to other cancers and research indicates that many older men develop at least a microscopic incident of prostate cancer. There has been much growth in the prostate cancer therapeutics market over the past decade, with a number of products targeting advanced forms of the disease and showing greatly increased efficacy over their predecessors. There are also a number of very promising therapies in the pipeline for both early and late stage prostate cancer, showing that there is still potential for growth in this market, particularly for treatments with reduced side-effects. This makes understanding the prostate cancer therapeutics market and the opportunities available crucial for all those in fields related to the sector.

In this report, we examine the sales of a wide range of therapeutics in the following submarkets: Prostate Cancer Drugs and Prostate Cancer Devices. An analysis of major drugs, with 10-year forecasts and upcoming pipeline candidates in the sector are also included for all of the major submarkets, along with analysis and forecasts for all major submarkets in the prostate cancer devices market.

The prospects for the twelve leading national markets in the prostate cancer market, including the US, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the UK, Japan, China, India, Russia, Brazil and South Korea. Using both primary and secondary research, forecasts have been built for the major submarkets, leading drugs and leading national and regional markets, accompanied by text giving a thorough explanation of events thought to shape the market currently and in the future.

Also included is analysis of the current leading players in the prostate cancer therapeutics market. Historical financial performance over 5 years is analysed (where available), along with a breakdown of each company’s leading products, leading pipeline candidates and recent merger & acquisition information, with an analysis of news that may influence the course of the company.

Matteo Bianchi, a pharmaceutical and medical devices industry analyst in visiongain, said: “The global prostate cancer market has grown significantly in the last five years, with a number of highly successful product launches, particularly in the castration-resistant prostate cancer treatment space. Despite recent advances, current diagnostic and treatment strategies possess great limitations, primarily with regards to life-altering side effects of these treatments. Targeted therapies are the preferred choice of treatment for early-stage prostate cancer patients as they act specifically on cancer cells, causing less side effects and inconvenience for the patient. Although the standard treatments for localised prostate cancer are still radical prostatectomy and radiation therapy, there have been great advances in medical technologies that have significantly improved both pre- and post-operative outcomes. This fact, coupled with the advances that have been made in the treatment of advanced stages of prostate cancer means that an increasing number of patients will die with prostate cancer rather than as a result of the disease.”
Visiongain’s report provides revenue forecasts to 2026 for the prostate cancer therapeutics market and its leading submarkets and international markets. The report discusses selected leading companies which hold significant shares of the market. These companies include Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Sanofi, AbbVie, Varian Medical Systems, Elekta and Theragenics. Visiongain’s report also discusses key economic points, commercial news, and analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

The Prostate Cancer Market 2016-2026: Increasing Incidence and Promising New Therapies to Drive Market Growth adds to visiongain’s range of analytical reports on industries and markets in healthcare.

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Notes for Editors

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