“World market for Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA) will reach $9.57 billion in 2017”

29 August 2017

A new report by visiongain concludes that the world market for Pressure Sensitive adhesives will reach $9.57 billion in 2017. This analysis and others appear in the Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Market Report 2017-2027: Volume (MT) & Value ($bn) Forecasts by Technology (Water-Borne, Solvent-Borne, Hot-Melt, Radiation-Cure) & Forecasts (MT) & Value ($bn) by Application (Industrial Tape, Medical Tape, Specialty Tape, Labels, Graphics, Others) & Regional Forecasts published by visiongain, a leading business intelligence provider based in London, UK.

Pressure sensitive adhesives are the special category of adhesive which requires slight pressure to form a bond between adhesive and surface. It does not require any solvent, water or external heat source to activate the bonding. Pressure Sensitive adhesives are the special category of materials that develops adhesion with a substrate with a soft pressure and don’t require any chemical reaction. Mechanically, PSAs are soft and sticky substance and thus a backing material is often required to convert it into a useful form, such as tapes and labels.

This report analyses the global pressure sensitive adhesive market for 4 key technologies: water borne, solvent borne, hot melt, and radiation cure. Waterborne and solvent borne are the largest submarkets; while radiation cured PSA has the smallest market share. Water borne will retain a leading position in terms of market value between 2017-2027 due to its versatile nature which makes it a suitable material for a diverse group of applications.

Asia-Pacific will be the largest Pressure Sensitive adhesives market in terms of value, of the global market in 2017. Asia-Pacific is projected to register one of the highest growth rates due to the presence of technologically advanced countries such as China and Japan and emerging economies like India and Taiwan. The growth is mainly due to the fast economic growth, rising disposable income, increasing consumer markets, growing industrial output and its potential applications. North America is the second-largest market for electronic adhesives globally.

This 191 page report contains 198 tables, charts and graphs that add visual analysis in order to explain developing trends within the pressure sensitive market. Visiongain provides forecasts for the period 2017 to 2027 in terms of value (US$) for the pressure sensitive adhesives market. In addition, 10 submarkets are forecasted and analysed by visiongain over the period 2017 to 2027. The report also provides profiles of 8 leading companies operating within the market such as The Dow Chemical, The 3M Company, etc.

The Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Market Report 2017-2027: Volume (MT) & Value ($bn) Forecasts by Technology (Water-Borne, Solvent-Borne, Hot-Melt, Radiation-Cure) & Forecasts (MT) & Value ($bn) by Application (Industrial Tape, Medical Tape, Specialty Tape, Labels, Graphics, Others) & Regional Forecasts report will be of value to current and future potential investors wanting to better understand the pressure sensitive adhesives industry and its underlying dynamics, as well as companies and research centres who wish to broaden their knowledge of the pressure sensitive adhesives market.

For sample pages and further information concerning the visiongain’s report the Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Market Forecast 2017-2027 please visit https://www.visiongain.com/Sector/197/Construction

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