Poc Diagnostics Market Set To Grow To Over $21bn In 2017

10 August 2017

Visiongain has launched a new pharma report POC Diagnostics Market Forecast 2017-2027: Revenue Prospects by Product (Blood Glucose, Infectious Diseases, Rapid Coagulation, Rapid Cardiac Marker, Cholesterol, Pregnancy, Other) and Major National Markets with an Assessment of Leading Companies

In vitro diagnostics (IVD) refers to any laboratory test performed using biological assays to aid clinical diagnoses. Such tests are carried out in a controlled environment outside a living organism, and contain biological samples or specimens extracted from the patient under examination.

At present, the majority of IVD tests are undertaken and analysed by specialised laboratories which may be part of a hospital or private businesses. They are normally highly automated and capable of keeping the cost-per-test down through economies of scale. However, as tests have to be sent to and from the lab, they are generally much slower than near-patient tests.

Advances in analytical technology and healthcare services have led to the significant development of POC testing. As countries are making healthcare more and more accessible to people, the demand for various point of care tests keeps on rising. The point of care testing market has become an established field worldwide and will continue to provide vital contribution to the in-vitro diagnostics industry.

At one end of the scale, POC diagnostics can be sophisticated, automated systems capable of analysing large numbers of samples for multiple parameters; at the other end, they can be self-testing systems providing information directly to the individual performing the test.

The lead Visiongain report analyst for this report commented; The purpose of this Visiongain report is to examine the commercial prospects of POC diagnostics in the global healthcare market. These technological solutions are playing an increasingly important role in both clinical practice and pharmaceutical R&D – providing faster results, convenient use, and expanding the access to diagnostics. Although it is unlikely for POC diagnostics to replace clinical laboratory testing, the former will surely complement laboratory testing by providing an initial diagnosis to be confirmed later by the laboratories, becoming as important as clinical diagnostics over the upcoming years. POC diagnostics will be especially useful in ambulatory and rural settings, where access to laboratory facilities is limited and requirement for rapid diagnosis is high.

With increasing healthcare spending, escalating incidence of infectious and chronic diseases, rising demand for advanced diagnostics products with low turnaround time, and increasing penetration of major players in emerging regions are some of the key factors fuelling market growth. Moreover, the discovery and development of new biomarkers, and the advent of an informed patient base are some of the main factors driving growth of the POC diagnostics industry and market.”

The POC diagnostics market is highly competitive with many different players entering the market. The report discusses selected leading companies in the market. Notable companies in the POC diagnostics market include Roche, Abbott, Siemens, Johnson & Johnson, Danaher, Alere, Beckman Coulter, Becton Dickinson, Quidel and Meridian Bioscience.

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