Neuromodulation Devices Market Set To Grow To $6.53 Bn By 2021

08 August 2018

Visiongain has launched a new Pharmaceutical Report: Neuromodulation Devices Report 2017-2027: Revenue Forecasts for Deep Brain Stimulation, Spinal Cord, Vagus Nerve, Sacral Nerve and Gastric Electrical Applications

The report forecasts the neuromodulation devices market will multiply in revenues from 2017 to 2027. The pharmaceutical segment is evolving. Visiongain reports the strength of the neuromodulation devices market is its spinal cord stimulation segment, which generated revenues of $1.89bn. Growth in the market will be driven by the ageing population and the increasing prevalence of age-related conditions and chronic diseases. This will drive demand from both the developing and the developed world for neuromodulation devices. In addition, better access to healthcare and new diagnostic techniques has increased the number of people being identified with conditions such as chronic pain, and increase the number of patients receiving adequate treatment. Continuous research and development will lead to more applications being found for neuromodulation devices, with an increasing trend for more-personalised healthcare. All these factors combined will drive the growth of the neuromodulation devices industry through to 2027.

‘’Neuromodulation devices provide promising treatments for illnesses including chronic pain, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, depression and incontinence. The neuromodulation devices market is set to experience growth over the next 10 years, driven by the ageing population and the increasing prevalence of age-related conditions and chronic diseases and better access to healthcare. Continuous research and development will lead to more applications being found for neuromodulation devices, with an increasing trend for more-personalised healthcare.
The US will retain its position as market leader, emerging countries such as China and India will also contribute to the growth of the industry as they strive to provide better healthcare, thus increasing sales of neuromodulation devices.’’ – Medical Device Industry Analyst

The new report shows revenue forecasts to 2027 at overall world market, submarket and national level. It forecasts these world-level submarkets:

• Spinal Cord Stimulation
• Sacral Nerve Stimulation
• Vagus Nerve Stimulation
• Deep Brain Stimulation
• Gastric Electric Stimulation

This investigation research, data and analyses covering activities of Medtronic, Boston Scientific
St Jude Medical (Subsidiary of Abbott Diagnostics), Cyberonics (Subsidiary of LivaNova).

Analyses cover R&D, Mergers and Acquisitions, and commercial news and predicts revenues to 2027 in leading regional markets. This includes the US, Japan, Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Spain (EU5 group), Brazil, Russia, India, China.

Neuromodulation Devices Report 2017-2027 adds to visiongain’s range of reports on industries and markets in healthcare. Together these studies cover medical devices, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals.

Leading companies featured in the report who are developing neuromodulation devices include Medtronic, Boston Scientific, St Jude Medical (Subsidiary of Abbott Diagnostics), Cyberonics (Subsidiary of LivaNova)

Notes for Editors
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