‘Military Unmanned Maritime Vehicle (Umv) Market Worth $1.09 Billion In 2017’ Says Visiongain Report

06 August 2017

Visiongain’s new report Military Unmanned Maritime Vehicles (UMV) Market Outlook To 2027: Forecasts By Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV),(Man Portable Vehicle, LW Vehicle, HW Vehicle, Large Vehicle) Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV) & Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) Plus Regional Forecasts & Analysis Of Top Companies indicates that the global Military Unmanned Maritime Vehicles (UMV) market will see $1.09 billion in spending in 2017.

The lead analyst of the report said: “The market will rely heavily on growth within the AUV and USV submarkets to drive the global market as they receive funding from large scale development and procurement programmes from established markets like the US and UK and increasing attention from emerging markets like Poland, Japan, Russia, China, Israel and others. “

The US will continue as the dominant and defining national market for unmanned maritime vehicles during this period as it retains about 50% share of the global market throughout, with only a small decrease year-on-year. Existing UMV programmes such as the Large Displacement Unmanned Undersea Vehicle (LDUUV) are set to mature during this period while new programmes will come on line, driving growth. This is excellent news for US-based specialist UMV companies which currently operate in the market such as Hydroid (a subsidiary of Kongsberg Gruppen) and Bluefin Robotics Corporation, which benefit hugely from these programmes. It also benefits larger US based companies like Lockheed and Boeing, who have poured funding into their own UMV development programmes and can now recoup some of that as rapid growth kicks in and the market matures. A driving factor of growth within merging national markets is maritime security threats, both in Europe in the form of a resurgent Russia, and in East Asia due to the conflict between China and its neighbours and US regional presence.

The 312 page report contains 200+ tables, charts and graphs that add visual analysis in order to explain developing trends within the military UMV market. Visiongain provides sales revenue forecasts for the period 2017-2027 for the various types of UMV vehicle types. The report offers market forecast and analysis for 4 regions and also leading national markets and the rest of the world market. In addition, the report contains a dedicated leading companies’ chapter covering 13 companies leading in the field of military UMV technologies.

The Military Unmanned Maritime Vehicles (UMV) Market Outlook To 2027: Forecasts By Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV),(Man Portable Vehicle, LW Vehicle, HW Vehicle, Large Vehicle) Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV) & Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) Plus Regional Forecasts & Analysis Of Top Companies report will be of value to anyone who wants to better understand the UMV market and its various segments. It will be useful for businesses who wish to better comprehend the part of the market they are already involved in, or those wishing to enter or expand into a different regional or technical part of the military UMV vehicle industry.

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