Visiongain Publishes Military Communication, Navigation & Surveillance (CNS) Market Report 2021-2031

25 November 2020

Military Communication, Navigation & Surveillance (CNS) Market Report 2021-2031: Market Breakdown by Category (Military Communication Technologies, Military Surveillance Technologies, Military Navigation Technologies), Military Communication Technologies Market Breakdown by Type (Tactical Communication, Software Defined Radio, Man-portable Communication System, Aerospace & Defence Telemetry System, Fleet Satellite Communications System, Other Communication Technologies), Military Surveillance Technologies Market Breakdown by Type (Security & Surveillance Radar, X-Band Radar, C4ISR, Other Surveillance Technologies), Military Navigation Technologies Market Breakdown by Type (Inertial Navigation System, Anti-jamming Device, Sonar Systems & Technology, Sense and Avoid System (SAS), Thrust Vector Control, Other Navigation Technologies), Military CNS Market Breakdown by End-user (Air Force, Navy, Army, Para-Military Forces) PLUS Analysis of Leading CNS Companies AND COVID-19 Recovery Scenarios

Are you curious to know Why Military CNS Markets is growing and how it could benefit you?
Global military CNS technology market is estimated to be valued at US$ xx billion in 2020 and is projected to reach at a market value of US$ xx billion by 2031. Global market is expected to grow at a CAGR of xx% during the forecast period 2021-2031. The need for change in the current CNS is due to two principal factors: Due to inherent limitations in the current system, it will not be able to cope-up with the growing demand of air traffic; and the need for global consistency in the providing air traffic services (ATS) while progressing towards a seamless CNS system.

Increased demand for the UHF / VHF Frequency Radar Segment over the Horizon
Based on the frequency band, the military radar market is categorized into UHF/VHF, L Band, S-Band, C Band, X Band, and Ku/K/Ka-Band. Out of these, the S-Band segment is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period as S-band is widely used in the over the horizon radars as it has capability to detects threats from several kilometres. In 2017, Raytheon Company received USD 45.4 million contracts for the U.S. Navy. In this contract, the company will deliver the relocatable over the horizon radar systems to the U.S. Navy by 2022.

Growing developments Solid State Electronics
The developments in Solid State Electronics has considerably increased in the recent past. Technologically advanced radar systems are being produced which are capable of providing superior radar performance and low cost of ownership. In September 2019, Raytheon received a contract worth $495 million for providing solid-state module replacement for the US Air Force. Under this five-year contract, Raytheon will provide solid-state module replacement for the BMEWS and the precision acquisition vehicle entry phased array warning system (PAVE PAWS) radars.

Researchers Develop New Enabling Technologies for Next-Generation CNS Systems
Researchers in the US, China, and Europe are racing to create teleportation networks capable of distributing entangled photons. But getting them to scale will be a massive scientific and engineering challenge. The many hurdles include finding reliable ways of churning out lots of linked photons on demand, and maintaining their entanglement over very long distances—something that quantum repeaters would make easier.

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