Key Obstacles Faced by Today’s Cybersecurity Companies

19 December 2019

With new technologies being developed on an almost daily basis, the cybersecurity industry has become one of today’s fastest-growing sectors. This is in large part due to the increasing numbers of web-savvy individuals and more services moving to online platforms than ever before.

As one of today’s leading market insight firms, Visiongain has made it a point to provide the most current information to industry professionals. Below you’ll find some of the most pressing concerns and hurdles business owners and manufacturers in the cybersecurity industry will face in the years to come.

5G Presents Real Threats in Terms of Cybersecurity

One thing that will affect cybersecurity manufacturers and business owners in the years ahead will be the roll out of 5G technology. Although it will enable users to surf the web and download at speeds nearly 10 times as fast as its predecessor, it will also have some serious weak points, especially where communication between connected devices is concerned. Lower-cost Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices may be more vulnerable to cyberattacks. However, this provides some room for expansion as far as cybersecurity firms are concerned.

Cybersecurity Threats Are Increasing Despite Huge Investments in Sector

Another factor cybersecurity firms will need to make note of is the increasing number of threats, despite the large amounts of investments being made in the sector. This is due to several factors, the first being ever-increasing threats as new technology is developed. There are also a host of cybersecurity firms struggling to keep up with new threats and challenges, creating technologies that are inherently obsolete almost as soon as they’re released. Lack of monitoring and managing capabilities is also having a negative effect on the sector.

However, businesses that can address these issues and overcome them will be poised to make big returns in the years ahead.

Smaller Organizations Are Taking Control of Their Cybersecurity

New technology has recently made it easier for smaller organizations to perform the same sort of cybersecurity measures as larger firms. This means many small-to-midsized-businesses (SMBs) are training their tech teams in-house to handle cybersecurity measures. Often, cybercriminals don’t discriminate between smaller and larger businesses, which can lead to SMBs becoming more vulnerable. However, the need for comprehensive cybersecurity solutions targeted toward SMBs is growing each day, giving cybersecurity providers a niche market to target. Providing training, tools, and services designed for smaller organizations can be one way to generate long-term success.

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