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“$8.8bn Military Cyber Security market poised for sustained growth due to decline of monopolar geopolitical stage” says new Visiongain report

01 April 2019

The $8.8bn Military Cyber Security Market is set to grow by 5.7% in the 2019-2029 period. This is in large part due to the proliferation of cyber warfare means and technology, as well as the demonstrated successes of the system against Iran, as well as by Russia in the Gerasimov doctrine. Increased Chinese involvement in international affairs and colder relations with he political west further this market.

Military cyber security incorporates a comprehensive range of practices, tools, and techniques interrelated closely to information and operational technology security. This method uses preventive and responsive methods to defend networks and information from being attacked and compromised. Moreover, military cyber security solutions utilize web filtering, legacy malware protection, and advanced threat defence to defend users from internet-borne threats, and to help government enforce internet policy compliance. Military cyber security is the concept of protecting information and systems from attacks, damages or unauthorized accesses.

Cyber warfare involves nation-states using information technology to get access to other nations or non-state actors’ computer systems to cause sabotage, damage or disruption. Cyber warfare is politically motivated and can support an armed conflict or be used to achieve the same results pursued through the use of conventional military force.

A more connected defence and intelligence world means that war fighters receive more information faster and more accurately than ever. However, this increased connectivity also means that there are more opportunities for cyber-attacks, data leaks and other IT security breaches. This is the issue at the crux of modern cyber security issues: Developments in technology also mean new tools and strategies to protect our critical networks. Thus, improving cyber security and cyber-defence capabilities has become a top priority on the national security agendas of many countries across the globe.

The global military cyber security market is analysed and estimated in accordance with the impacts of the drivers, restraints, and opportunities. The period studied in this report is 2018–2029, wherein the forecast period is 2019–2029.The report includes the study of the global military cyber security market with respect to the growth prospects and restraints based on the regional analysis. The study includes Porter’s five forces analysis of the industry to determine the impact of suppliers, competitors, new entrants, substitutes, and buyers on the market growth.

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