Visiongain publishes Luxury Packaging Market Report 2020-2030

22 May 2020

Visiongain has launched a new report Luxury Packaging Market Report 2020-2030: Value Forecasts by Material (Paper-board, Wood, Plastic, Glass, Metal and Others), by End User (Cosmetics & Fragrances, Confectionery, Watches & Jewellery, Alcoholic Drinks, Food & Non-Alcoholic Drinks and Other End User). Plus Analysis of Leading Companies

Market Definition:
• Luxury packaging is an important specialised market in enormous packaging industry globally. Though it plays small part in the global packaging industry, the environmental impacts of it is on the heavier side. Over the past few years luxury packaging market is known to be a really lucrative and highly profitable market as consumer buying preference of luxury products is increasing across the globe.
• Luxury packaging market is classified based on material into paperboard, wood, plastic, glass, metal and others packaging materials. Further based on the end-users market is segmented into cosmetics & fragrances, confectionary, watches & jewellery, alcoholic drinks, food & non- alcoholic drinks and other end-user

Market Overview and Trends:
• The increase in packaging innovations is another major factor anticipated to drive the market growth in years to come
• In the base year 2019 glass material type held the largest market share followed by plastic and paperboard respectively
• The rising investments and expenditure on innovation and technology by luxury product manufacturers for luxury packaging is anticipated to enhance the market demand during the forecast period
• Rising disposable income accompanied by changing lifestyle of consumers are major factor for the growth of luxury packaging in the aforementioned nations

Market Dynamics:

Factors Influencing the Market Growth:
• Use of Sustainable and Bio-degradable Packaging
• Demand for Travel and Retail Chains Due to Increase in Tourism
• Increasing demand from emerging economies
• Increasing investment in developing novel packaging material by the manufacturers
• Growing technological dominance of luxury packaging in the electronic assembly industries

Factors Restraining the Market Growth:
• Volatility in luxury packaging raw material prices
• Matured electronics market in the developed countries

Market Segmentation 2019-2029:

Material Type
• Paperboard Market, 2019-2030
• Wood Market, 2019-2030
• Plastic Market, 2019-2030
• Glass Market, 2019-2030
• Metal Market, 2019-2030
• Others Market, 2019-2030

End User
• Cosmetics & Fragrances Market, 2019-2030
• Confectionary Market, 2019-2030
• Watches & Jewellery Market, 2019-2030
• Alcoholic Drinks Market, 2019-2030
• Food & Non- Alcoholic Drinks Market, 2019-2030
• Other End User Market, 2019-2030

Geographic breakdown
Focused regional forecasts and analysis explore the future opportunities:

North America Market, 2019-2030
• U.S. Market, 2019-2030
• Canada Market, 2019-2030

Europe Market, 2019-2030
• Germany Market, 2019-2030
• UK Market, 2019-2030
• France Market, 2019-2030
• Spain Market, 2019-2030
• Italy Market, 2019-2030
• Rest of Europe Market, 2019-2030

Asia-Pacific Market, 2019-2030
• China Market, 2019-2030
• Japan Market, 2019-2030
• India Market, 2019-2030
• Australia Market, 2019-2030
• Indonesia Market, 2019-2030
• Rest of Asia Pacific Market, 2019-2030

LATAM Market, 2019-2030
• Brazil Market, 2019-2030
• Mexico Market, 2019-2030
• Rest of Latin America Market, 2019-2030

MEA Market, 2019-2030
• GCC Market, 2019-2030
• South Africa Market, 2019-2030
• Rest of MEA Market, 2019-2030

Competitive Analysis:
• The global luxury packaging market is a fairly competitive and fragmented market due to a mix of experienced and new players
• There are a few players that manufacture present globally which are involved in only luxury packaging while some of the major ones have acquired their manufacturing units as side products
• Only a few companies account for a major market share and hence, the degree of competition among the suppliers is high as the players in the market are active globally as well as regionally
• There are many companies operating in the market, however, number of players are entering in the market by developing more standardized and cost-effective products
• Companies are strategically expanding their global presence and offering improved products across various sectors

Major Market Players:
• Some of the major players are WestRock Company, Ardagh Group, DS Smith Plc, and International Paper Company among others

Companies covered in the report include:
• GPA Luxury Packaging
• HH Deluxe Packaging
• Prestige Packaging Industries Limited
• Crown Holdings Inc.
• Ardagh Group
• Pendragon Presentation Packaging Ltd.
• Owens-Illinois Inc.
• DS Smith Plc.
• Design Packaging, Inc.
• International Paper
• McLaren Packaging
• WestRock Company
• Ekol Ofset
• Winter & Company AG
• Glossary

Notes for Editors
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