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“Market growth also benefits from increasing consciousness of the significance of flame retardant products”, says Visiongain

15 October 2019

Visiongain’s new report the North America Flame Retardant Thermoplastics Market Report 2020-2030: Forecasts by By Type (Amorphous, Crystalline), By Application (Electrical & Electronics, Transportation, Construction, Industrial, Others) By Country (U.S., Canada, Mexico), and analysis of leading companies operating in this industry. Additionally, the North America Flame Retardant Thermoplastics market study will be assessed on the basis of Value Chain Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces Model, SWOT Analysis, and PESTEL.

Market growth also benefits from increasing consciousness of the significance of flame retardant products. The development of advanced and high-performance products that do not alter the characteristics of the base products has extended the application scope. It is also projected that this will add to market growth. The companies focus on creating non-halogenated products due to the region's rigid chemicals and plastics laws. These regulations also provide market entrants with primitive scope for penetration.

By spending strongly in R&D activities, several multinationals with their operations in North America focus on innovating fresh goods that are more environmentally friendly and less detrimental to natural safety. The national economy is also receiving elevated interest in culture technology from overseas affiliated sector shareholders, thus providing a broader consumer base.

The industry was resulted by electrical and electronics in 2018. A range of electrical and electronic products, such as laptops, smartphones, TV panels, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, and colored cable panels, are used with flame retardant materials. Transportation is the market segment with the fastest-growing implementation. It is anticipated that high supply for passenger vehicles will assist increase development in the sector. The section also benefits from the existence in North America of a big amount of producers.

The U.S. is one of the main thermoplastics industries. The North America fire retardant thermoplastics market is anticipated to profit from the favorable perspective for the plastics industry. Demand for value-added plastics is on the increase, and fire-retardant materials are anticipated to experience elevated output over the forecast period with increasing expenditure in upstream products.

In order to decrease the general volume and weight of the car, the demand for plastic parts across different sectors, such as automobiles, marine and aerospace, requires more flame retardant thermoplastic compounds. The industry for flame retardant thermoplastics in North America was resulted by electrical and electronics in 2017 and is expected to keep its dominance over the forecast period. In this sector, flame retardant products are commonly used and their degree depends on the feature of the item, the equipment and the amount of fire resistance to be attained.

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