Visiongain Publishes Biochar Market Report 2021-2031

11 November 2020

Visiongain has published a new report on Biochar Market Report 2021-2031: Forecasts by Product Form (Coarse Chips, Fine Powder, Fine Screened Chips, Pellets, Granules Or Prills, Liquid Suspension, by Source (Wood Waste from State controlled Lands, Wood Waste from Private lands, As Forest residue, As Mill residue, As Urban Waste, Dairy Manures, Poultry Manures, Hog Manures, Crop Residues, Sewage Sludge, by Application (Garden, Horticulture, specialty crops, Field Crops, Orchard or tree crops, Turf, Landscaping, Drainage, filtration, Odour control, Other Applications) by Process (Inoculated or “Charged”, Screened or sized, Blended with other amendments, Activated, Agglomerated or pelletized).. PLUS Profiles of Leading Biochar Companies and Regional and Leading National Market Analysis. PLUS COVID-19 Recovery Scenarios Analysis.

Global Biochar market is estimated to be valued at US$xx million in 2020 and is projected to reach at a Biochar market value of US$xx billion by 2031.

What are some of the value-grab opportunities in various segments of Biochar market?

This report identifies the next key steps towards realising the global biochar industry potential, including the development of standards, a comprehensive commercialisation initiative and testing of the benefits of biochar application. Biochar is a product which is commercially produced as a result of plant biomass pyrolysis. Biochar markets and uses are growing quickly, as are production and capacity technologies and sales. Wood debris, litters of manure and ag and other organic wastes constitute biochair feedstocks. Because wood organic biomass has historically been the largest source of the largest volume of feedstock, the US Forest Service focuses on biochar as a large scale user of unsalable fire salvage products, habitat restoration and wild fire projects. The study and analysis of US industrial biochar producers and users is summarised in this report.

Visiongain report will enhance your understanding for Biochar market, including in terms of demand drivers, trends in the industry and the latest technological developments.

The new sector of biochar as an animal feed supplement is of significant interest to both producers and resellers and could have a considerable impact. Resellers may see a lesser chance since sales in volumes appear mostly by producers; however, resellers may have the opportunity to produce a branded or custom end product that producers might not accept. More information on the market is necessary to better predict how important it could be (current European experience, domestic customer interest, price points, and opportunities for value added). A concerted effort also needs to be made to collect and share success storeys on biochar applications. The way the biochar is provided by manufacturers and the form the users buy were differentiated. This knowledge can help producers to align their finished product better with buyers. This should be explored in future research.

What are the some of the best cost optimization strategies with vendors that some well-entrenched players have gained success with?

Due to the presence of very few major manufacturers and an increasing number of small and medium-sized producers, in particular in North America and in Europe, this industry comprises the organised and unorganised sector. The countries of Asia Pacific and the Middle East are expected to grow slower, with lack of awareness of product advantages and long-term advantages. High-quality biochar production calls for heavy investment in capital. As a consequence, in recent years a number of companies have left the marketplace.

Leading Players
Agri-Tech Producers, LLC
Diacarbon Energy Inc.
Biochar Products, Inc.
Cool Planet Energy Systems Inc.
Vega Biofuels, Inc.
The Biochar Company
Phoenix Energy
Biochar Supreme, LLC
Pacific Pyrolysis
ArSta Eco
Earth Systems PTY. LTD.
Clean Fuels B.V.
Carbon Gold
Airex Energy
Waste to Energy Solutions Inc.
Pacific Biochar Benefit Corporation
Sunriver Biochar
Biochar Ireland
Carbon Terra GmbH

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