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“Energy storage provides a chance for fresh and innovative business models with equal access and chance”, says Visiongain report

05 September 2019

Visiongain’s new report the Advanced Energy Storage Systems Market Report: Forecasts by Chemical Technology (Biofuels, Hydrated salts, Hydrogen, Liquid Nitrogen, Power to Gas, Vanadium, Pentoxide), Biological (Glycogen, Starch), Electrochemical (Flow Battery, Rechargeable Battery), Electrical (Supercapacitor, SMES), Mechanical (CAES, Fireless locomotive, Flywheel, Hydraulic Accumulator, Hydroelectric Energy Storage), Thermal (Eutectic System, Ice Storage, Molten Salt, Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage, Solar Pond, Steam Accumulator, Thermal Energy Storage), by Application (Utility Storage, Community Storage, Commercial & Industrial Storage, Residential Storage, Micro-grids) Plus Leading Company Analysis and Regional and Leading National Market Analysis.

Advanced Energy Storage Systems enable customers to use Load Shifting to better control their energy in real time. AES plays a significant part in smoothing intermittent energy spikes generation technology that are implemented during the days of elevated renewable energy production into the utility grid network. AES techniques enable grid operators to control energy resource flow more efficiently, reducing the need for extra power plants. Increasing housing, industrial and commercial infrastructure expenditure among developing countries, including China and Indonesia, will encourage the market for sophisticated energy storage technologies in the years to come. Due to enhanced energy demand, significant capacity additions are likely to have a beneficial effect on the market.

AES is a must technology for Power grids

To be effective and reliable, the inflexible electrical grid of today needs consistency in supply and demand, and any disruption from a minor variation in frequency or spike in demand to a system-wide blackout comes with important and escalating costs. This basic weakness is an issue for the requirements of today's scheme and is completely unsustainable for future requirements. Any disturbance, over-supply incident, and increase in peak demand improves the expense of providing customers with energy, whether caused by a supply and demand imbalance, extreme weather a physical disturbance, or cyber threat. Energy storage is critical to resolving these vulnerabilities and builds a block of a disruption proof grid.

AES can build effective integration

Transportation, data centers, HVAC, communications, business and production are all increasingly interconnected and dependent on electricity. Even as customers become more energy-efficient, electrification is constantly altering the nature of the power grid. Advanced energy storage technologies will allow these fresh network requirements to be effectively integrated into the grid and mitigate the expensive impact of disruptions to the network.

AES can increase reliability for the end user

Distributed energy storage systems enhance system resilience, prevent blackouts and surges, and increase end user overall reliability while saving them money as well. Storage systems can shift large amounts of energy over time, ensuring capacity to meet unpredictable demands and dynamic loads when and where it is needed. Providing backup power for a single building or a whole community also means that grid disruptions can be isolated and mitigated in real time and that the grid can heal itself more quickly when there are widespread outages.

AES is quick in response

In a few minutes or hours, a traditional generator of fossil fuel reacts to a grid signal and must be on and idling to ramp up or down as necessary. An energy storage system is always on and can react with enhanced precision in seconds instead of minutes and no need to ramp inefficiently to obtain the correct performance. Rapid storage of energy addresses second-to-second fluctuations in supply and demand without the need for idling and inefficient fossil fuel power plants waiting on standby.

AES can reduce emissions

Energy storage can decrease emissions from the power industry in two respects: maximizing renewable energy usage and enhancing standard grid generation effectiveness. The capacity to maximize the consumption of emission-free renewable energy is essential for several storage applications, including residential, C&I plant emissions owing to increased effectiveness and decreased idling of generators and renewable energy shifts.

Leading Regional & National Analysis

During the forecast period, due to the growing amount of electric vehicles in the region, particularly in China, the Asia Pacific market is anticipated to dominate the worldwide sophisticated energy storage system market. As a consequence of big installed capacity, Europe and North America accounted for a significant market share. It is anticipated that increased public financing will provide market opportunities for development in North America. In addition, increasing grid-scale projects are anticipated to further propel development as a result of improved peak demand management. Growing implementation of electric vehicles along with strict public legislation in nations like Germany and France to minimize pollution concentrations will support company development over the forecast period.

Leading Players in the Global Advanced Energy Storage Systems Market Report 2019-2029

GS Yuasa Corporation, Samsung SDI Co. Ltd., Tesla Inc., Evapco Inc., LG Chem Ltd., ABB Ltd, Calmac, General Electric Company, Saft Groupe S.A., Baltimore Aircoil Company Inc., BYD Company Limited, Hitachi Ltd., Siemens AG, Panasonic Corporation, SolarCity, Aquion Energy, Amprius, Sunverge, EOS, Able Grid, Con Edison Battery Storage, Duke Energy, LS Energy Solutions, NextEra Energy, Inc., Invenergy, RESolve energy storage systems, ReFlex, NGK, S&amp, Clearway Energy Group, Stem Inc., Swinerton Renewable Energy, 8Minutenergy Renewables, Advanced Microgrid Solutions, Ameresco, Inc., Cypress Creek Renewables, DNV GL Energy, Dynapower Company LLC, NEC Energy Solutions, Younicos, Greensmith Energy, S&C Electric, CellCube, SK Innovation, CATL, Funeng Technology, Guoxuan High-Tech, Eve Energy, TerraE Holding, ViZn Energy, Seeo, Sakti3, QuantumScape, Primus Power, Pellion Technologies, OutBack Power, Johnson Controls, JLM Energy, Imergy Power Systems, Green Charge Networks, EnerVault, Electrovaya, CODA Energy, Boston-Power, Amprius, Ambri.

Energy storage provides a chance for fresh and innovative business models with equal access and chance, including VPPs and aggregation, community energy storage, transactive energy markets, utility ownership, as well as third-party and customer-owned systems. Ownership solutions could also include all three respondents: utilities, third parties and clients-each owning and taking advantage of a part of the complete capacity of the system.

The comprehensive report offers market estimation and forecast for the period ranging 2019 – 2029 for leading national markets and rest of the world. Moreover, the report contains dedicated leading companies covering 10 leading producers in the field of advanced energy storage systems.

The Advanced Energy Storage Systems Market Report 2019-2029 report will be of value to anyone who wants to better understand the energy storage market and its various segments. It will be useful for businesses who wish to better comprehend the part of the market they are already involved in, or those wishing to enter or expand into a different regional or technical part of the energy industry.

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