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Polycarbonate Sheet Market Report 2020-2030

Polycarbonate Sheet Market Report 2020-2030: A Global Polycarbonate Sheet Market Estimate and Forecast – Industry Insights for Consumption, Demand, Production, Price Trend, Competitive Intelligence and Opportunity Analysis Along the Value Chain

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The global polycarbonate sheet market was valued at $1.8 billion in 2018. Polycarbonate sheets are versatile materials that are quite versatile and originates in a transparent sheet. Polycarbonate sheets are considered to be the most adaptable materials available in the market and are extensively being adopted in food processing, medical equipments and in construction domain. These sheets are exceptionally strong and absorb minimal moisture making it eligible for resistance from chemical, water and flame-retardant.

Polycarbonate sheets have substituted the use of acrylic and glass in several applications due to availability of these sheets in various forms of thickness and qualities. In comparison to glass polycarbonate sheets are considered to be durable, resistant to cracks and breakage and lighter weight as compared to that of glass. As a result to which these sheets are gaining huge popularity amongst the manufacturers of construction sector thereby uplifting the growth of global polycarbonate sheets market at extensive rate.

Increasing demand for polycarbonate sheets from several end-use industries such as construction sector is driving the growth of the global polycarbonate sheet market. Due to increasing realization pertaining to the benefits of these sheets the demand for polycarbonate sheets are expanding at a rapid pace and are thus making them available in the market at lower costs. The affordability of these sheets makes them eligible to be employed in various ranges of housing constructional purposes.

Instead of using glass on doors and windows polycarbonate sheets are utilised by manufacturers and in order to enhance the interior décor of homes these sheets are utilised for enclosing swimming pools and showers. Furthermore, polycarbonate sheets are also used in several other residential projects such as patios, balconies and decks. Apart from residential projects these sheets are also gaining extensive popularity in commercial sectors such as in sports stadiums, office buildings, carports and greenhouses thus significantly strengthening the growth of global polycarbonate sheet market. However, volatility in the prices of raw material is the key factor hampering the growth of global polycarbonate sheet market.

Polycarbonate sheet market forecast 2020 – 2030 estimates the historical market size in terms of consumption as well as revenue generated by the industry players across the globe. It offers the opportunity analysis along the value chain for the polycarbonate sheet manufacturers. Also, the report offers the vendor analysis along with price trend which provides an edge to the stakeholders especially manufacturers to create a better understanding of the market. Packaging, aerospace and defense, automotive, agriculture, electrical and electronics, building & construction, and other industry players benefit from the product benchmarking and matrix helping them to take right decision in choosing the right product with optimum prices suited for their end use applications.

The reports provide the analysis based on product and end user segment. Based on product, the global polycarbonate sheet market is segmented into multiwall, corrugated, solid, and others. Amongst these segments, solid product type is anticipated to witness highest growth during the forecast period due to excessive adoption of polycarbonate sheets in roof lights, glazing, and barrel vault roofing as polycarbonate sheets are light weight as compared to that of glass.

On the basis of end user, the global polycarbonate sheet market is categorised into packaging, aerospace and defense, automotive, agriculture, building and construction, electrical and electronics, and others. Building and construction is anticipated to witness highest CAGR during the forecast period owing to increasing benefits provided by polycarbonate sheets to the construction domain such as versatility, ease of construction, sound barrier, lowered costs and ultraviolet protection. Polycarbonate sheets provide variety of color choices that makes it an attractive option amongst clients and architects that further makes the building more appealing.

The polycarbonate sheet market in North America is anticipated to generate largest revenue throughout the estimated period due to increasing adoption of these sheets in construction domain. The government in this region is enhancing support at industry associations and improving code standard norms along with technological upgradation in the region. The technological advancements are thus concentration upon establishing performance gaps between glass and polycarbonate.

Additionally, the availability of skilled architects in the region thus makes the application of polycarbonate sheets comfortable and convenient that is further contributing towards the growth polycarbonate sheets market in this region. Increasing disposable income of the population along with development of favourable schemes by the government towards food processing industry is further bolstering the market growth of polycarbonate sheets in North America.

Moreover, polycarbonate sheet market in Asia-Pacific is anticipated to witness fastest growth during the forecast period owing to increasing demand for these sheets witnessed from construction, automotive and aerospace domain. The enhancement of infrastructural activities in this region is attributed towards increasing demand for polycarbonate sheets in this region along with increasing demand for highly efficient and cost-effective light weight material in aircrafts and automobile is further fuelling the growth of polycarbonate sheet market in this region.

The report also offers the insights for the European, Latin American, and Middle East and African Market. A detail analysis of historic and forecast consumption data, revenue in the market and competitive analysis for major competitors in each region is also provided.

The eminent key players in the global polycarbonate sheet market are undertaking product expansion and acquisitions in order to improve its product offerings. The companies are investing in launching new technologies to strengthen their market presence and thereby improving supply chain capability.

Some of the players having prominent presence in the global polycarbonate sheet market are Arla Plast Ab, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), Evonik Industries AG, 3A Composites GmbH, Trinseo S.A., Plazit-Polygal Group, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc., Covestro AG, Excelite, Suzhou Omay Optical Materials Co., Ltd., Asahi Glass Co. Ltd., and Teijin Limited.

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