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Global Heat Meter Market Report 2019-2029

Analysis by Type (Mechanical (Multi-Jet, Turbine), Static (Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic)), by Connectivity (Wired, Wireless), End User (Residential, Commercial & Public), Company and Country Analysis and Forecasts

PUBLISHED: 07 June 2019
PAGES: 173
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Market Definition:
• A heat meter is a device which measures thermal energy provided by a source or delivered to a sink, by measuring the flow rate of the heat transfer fluid and the change in its temperature (ΔT) between the outflow and return legs of the system. The gas turbines have upstream rotating compressor combined with a downstream turbine and a combustor.
• It is typically used in industrial plants for measuring boiler output and heat taken by process, and for district heating systems to measure the heat delivered to consumers.

Market Overview and Trends
• Heat meters are becoming mandatory in industries as per the government regulatory norms.
• The market is increasing due to the increased focus on accurately measuring the heat consumption for billing purposes.

Market Dynamics:

Factors Influencing the Market Growth:
• Mandatory Legislative Requirement to Install Heat Meters
• Accurate Measurement of Heat Consumption
• Increased Savings Through Heat Conservation

Factors Restraining the Market Growth:
• Increasing Competition from Alternative Heat Sources
• Capital Cost Associated with Heat Meters

Market Segmentation 2019-2029:

• Mechanical (Multi-Jet, Turbine) systems market, 2019-2029
• Static (Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic)

• Wired Market, 2019-2029
• Wireless Market, 2019-2029

End User
• Residential Market, 2019-2029
• Commercial & Public Market, 2019-2029

Geographic breakdown
Focused regional forecasts and analysis explore the future opportunities:
• North America Market, 2019-2029
• Europe Market, 2019-2029
• Asia-Pacific Market, 2019-2029
• Latin America Market, 2019-2029

Competitive Analysis:
• Companies are actively engaged in different developmental strategies in order to improve and increase their foothold in the global heat meter market.
• There have been a considerable number of product launches, product developments, mergers, and acquisitions recently in the global heat meter market.
• New product developments in the heat meter market has been increased due to focus on accurately measuring the heat consumption.

Major Market Players:
• Key company profiles such as Danfoss, Diehl, Itron, Landis+Gyr, Siemens, WASION GROUP, Elster, Engelmann and Istaare also provided in the report.

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