Packaging Case Studies

Case 1: Add-on report

An investment management firm wanted Visiongain to provide them with more granularity on a Visiongain report focussed on the rPET market. They needed more depth of analysis specifically into the Asia Pacific region, including Australia.

So based on a report we were already working on, we included a lot more qualitative and quantitative analysis on the drivers and restrains within the Asia Pac rPET market as well as an overview of the Asia Pac Pacific Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate Market. We also provided the client with data on the rPET market by End use, Product Type and by individual country.

We fast tracked the Asia Pac information to the client as they need it urgently while we were completing the final report. There was no extra cost involved for the client on the customised work on the Asia Pac region. We then sent over the completed report to the client who was fully satisfied with both the fast tracked content as well as the completed report. Thanking us for our responsiveness on the fast tracked data.

Case 2: On-demand report

A multinational conglomerate approached Visiongain as they needed an entire new report written on the lubricants market, in particular the machine lubricants market. They were looking for the long terms prospects within that industry sector across a number of product lines. We also had to provide industry forecasts across a huge range of materials including steel, aluminium etc. The client LSO needed a competitor analysis included in the report via primary research, so that was done through the means of an industry survey and interviews.

The client and our Intelligence team worked closely with the client as the project was a complex one with lots of moving parts. But the project was delivered to the client’s satisfaction.

Case 3: Off-the-shelf report

A large multinational based in Japan, after seeing a press release on one of our draft reports Global Automotive Plastics Market 2019-2029, contacted us as they wanted to access the full report. As this report was still in its draft format, the client managed to work in tandem with our Intelligence Centre and ask for additional information to be included into the report, this was done at no extra cost to them as the report was still in production stage. They were satisfied with the quality of the end product, which was delivered in a timely manner to their end users.

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