Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Bunkering Market Industry


 Still considered to be one of the leading fuels of the 21st century, natural gas consumption is continuing to grow worldwide. This means that those in the natural gas industry need to stay on top of new developments to solidify their success. Visiongain has calculated that the LNG Bunkering market will see a capital expenditure (CAPEX) of $843mn in 2019. As the market expands, so too does the need for innovative new technologies like LNG tankers to help deliver a high-quality product to consumers. Visiongain understands the difficulty in keeping up with changes in such a volatile marketplace, which is why our energy experts are dedicated to delivering the most current market reports and forecasts.

Each one of the reports from Visiongain is compiled by our experts using key primary and secondary sources and comes in an easy-to-read, PDF format. For those who want additional data, an Excel spreadsheet of current market data is available upon request.

As a leader in the market forecast and reporting sector for more than two decades, Visiongain has developed a reputation for providing insight into some of today’s most cutting-edge industries. With more than 1,500 reports available spanning more than 18 market verticals, our research process is exhaustive.

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