Critical Infrastructure Protection Market Reports


With the rise of security breaches and cyber-attacks, as well as new government regulations and smart-grid technologies, the critical infrastructure protection market is expected to experience dramatic growth in the coming years. In our 2018-2028 report, overall world revenue for CIP will reach $65.79bn in 2018. It will reach more than $150 billion by 2027. This means business owners will need to prepare for such growth. Visiongain is committed to providing key insight into the changing landscape of the critical infrastructure protection market to those who want to remain on the cutting edge.

Our critical infrastructure protection market forecasts and reports compile the most up-to-date data available, enabling our clients to make real-time predictions and decisions to solidify long-term industry success. Those in the energy sector will be glad to learn that each one of our reports includes information broken down into key segments, such as technology and services, as well as important industry verticals and geographic data. Each report is delivered in an easy-to-read PDF format and additional market information is available in an Excel sheet format for those who request it.

For more than 20 years, we’ve been delivering key market insight to a range of industry leaders. With more than 1,500 reports spanning 18 market verticals, our UK-based firm has developed a reputation for giving clients the insight needed to make informed decisions.

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