Who are the Leading Developers and Producers of Stem Cells in 2016, and what are their outlooks? Visiongain’s new study explains

07 September 2016

A new report by visiongain predicts the world stem cell technology market will generate $17.8bn in 2020, with rapid sales expansion to 2026. That forecast and others appear in Pharma Leader Series: Top Stem Cell Companies Report 2016-2026 – Market Analysis and Leading Players in the United States, Europe, Israel and Asia. That updated investigation analyses prospects for 25 leading stem cell companies worldwide.

Visiongain, a business information publisher and consultancy in London, UK, released that study in April 2016. That survey analyses events, prospects, clinical trials, R&D, market expansions and partnerships that shape the outlook for companies in the stem cells industry. It assesses leading companies – their strategies, expansions and acquisitions. Visiongain’s purpose is to help organisations explore the potentials of industries and markets.

Mashael Zaidi, a healthcare industry analyst in visiongain, said: “Stem cell technologies are on the verge of realising their therapeutic potential on the market. In this report we have profiled organisations with stem cell therapies in development, although a few have therapies on the market already. In order to realise the full market potential of these treatments, companies in this industry not only must advance their products to late stages of development and on to the market, but also must take into account pricing and regulatory concerns. Some companies have taken cost-effective measures in their manufacturing and technological processes as well as directed their efforts towards accelerated approval pathways in order to facilitate progress. However, even with these measures, regulations that optimally balance the advantages and risks of stem cell therapies are still some way away and more time is needed to provide regulatory guidance that can harness the full potential of the stem cells technologies market.”

In this report visiongain covers therapies based on stem cells and specific non-therapeutic applications of stem cells – stem cell banking, stem cell supply and processing and stem cell-based assays. That work also forecasts revenue to 2026 for the overall world stem cell market.

In particular, visiongain’s study analyses 25 leading stem cell companies in the US, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Israel. It explores their activities by:

• Analysing stem cell product portfolios and technology platforms
• Investigating the status of clinical trials, assessing progress and possibilities
• Providing forecasts for some stem cell therapies from 2016 to 2026
• Interviewing two authorities in the field, gaining their insights on that industry and its future
• Giving qualitative analyses (SWOT and STEP) of that industry and market.

First that study gives discussions, analyses and commercial outlooks for 11 US-based stem cell companies:

• Osiris Therapeutics
• Caladrius Biosciences
• Orthofix
• NuVasive
• AlloSource
• RTI Surgical
• Vericel Corporation
• U.S. Stem Cell, Inc.
• Neuralstem
• Astellas/Ocata Therapeutics
• Athersys.

That work also shows commercial outlooks for six top researchers, developers and producers of stem cells in the Asia Pacific region:

• Mesoblast
• Reliance Life Sciences
• Anterogen
• Pharmicell
• Stempeutics.

The analysis also shows progress and prospects for eight European and Israeli companies:

• TiGenix
• Celyad
• Apceth
• ReNeuron
• Gamida Cell
• Cell Cure Neurosciences
• Pluristem Therapeutics
• BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics.

Visiongain forecasts high revenue growth for the stem cells market from 2016. Pharma Leader Series: Top Stem Cell Companies Report 2016-2026 analyses organisations well placed to contribute to and benefit from that commercial expansion. That new investigation adds to visiongain’s reports on industries and markets in healthcare. Its portfolio covers biotechnology, medical devices, outsourced services and pharmaceuticals.

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