Newly published report: Visiongain identifies the Top 20 Companies in the Internet of Things (IoT) Market

19 July 2018

Visiongain’ has launched a new cyber report Top 20 Internet of Things (IoT) Companies 2018: Leaders in Machine to Machine (M2M) Connectivity, Enterprise & Consumer Connected Devices & Objects, Smart Grid, Smart Connected Home, Smart City, Connected Car, Connected Aircraft, Connected Health / Telemedicine, Industrial Control Systems (ICS) & Internet (IIoT), Wireless Infrastructure, Big Data & Cloud Technologies.

As per Visiongain analysis, The IoT market is vast and extremely dynamic, encompassing a wide range of applications across a diverse array of vertical industries. The financial data collected for this report pertains to connected devices and the revenues opportunities in several different vertical sectors in the IoT market. The market revenues quantified in this report are defined as revenue generated by the companies in the ecosystem. The market covers sensors, tags, chips including all of the M2M communications, connected devices and connected objects/things. The market size will consist of the revenues generated from the entire IoT ecosystem. The Top 20 companies in the IoT market includes IBM, Amazon, Google, AT&T, Verizon Communications, Inc., Microsoft, Apple Inc., Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., GE, Robert Bosch GmbH, Cisco, HP, China Mobile, Oracle Corporation, Vodafone, Intel Corporation, Qualcomm, Philips N.V., Schneider Electric SE, and Fitbit, Inc.

Visiongain reveals the precise market share, revenues and ranking of these 20 companies within the global Internet of Things ecosystem.

The IoT includes a vast array of connected devices and objects ranging from telematics (where the host device is portable or mobile), telemetry (where the device is stationary) applications and services, including tracking shipping containers, finding lost pets and wandering Alzheimer's patients, smart grids, pay-as-you-drive insurance, intelligent stock keeping, subprime auto lending and backhaul for digital signage and video surveillance cameras, etc.

Visiongain believes that the largest growth opportunity in IoT lies within embedded cellular M2M, which enables rapid and secure data transfer via GSM, UMTS or CDMA networks. The widespread coverage of the cellular network and the declining prices of M2M modules are the main driver for IoT. Another key advantage of the wireless IoT communications is the ability to send large amounts of data frequently which results in significant cost savings. Leading Mobile Network Operators worldwide are increasingly focusing on IoT to add new revenue streams. Thus IoT presents an enormous potential revenue opportunity for 5G module vendors and mobile operators.

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