Strong Competition Among The Top 20 Adas Suppliers For 2016 Visiongain Forecasts

11 September 2016

Visiongain’s author of the Top 20 Automotive Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Companies 2016: Leading Suppliers of Sensors & Semiconductors to OEMs

The visiongain author of the report commented that:

‘”Undoubtedly ADAS software and hardware consist of one of the most important automotive components in terms of revenue and size. The main objective of technological companies such as Google and Apple but also of OEMs is the achievement of a fully functional autonomous vehicle by the end of 2017. The key point for this ambition is the development of ADAS, which is currently being achieved by the top 20 suppliers. This report examines the differentiating qualities of the top 20 ADAS suppliers but also the restraints and drivers of the ADAS industry”

Vehicle active and passive safety has become one of the main regulatory topics of automotive associations, public and government institutions but also traffic control centres. Latest Euro NCAPs reviews presuppose that the 5 star ratings will be issued only for vehicles that implement highly advanced ADAS systems.

Currently one of the fastest growing submarkets of the automotive industry is ADAS regarding both revenues and units. Within our report we have c calculated that by the end of 2016 that the ADAS market revenue will exceed $24 billion. The top 20 players although they hold strong position within the industry, the market conditions and also the continuously development and growth of the automotive industry leave a highly competitive landscape for new and existing ADAS suppliers.

Our report analyses the opportunities that the ADAS market is offering but also the restraints that they will face in order to develop their business plan. Moreover our analysis on the top 20 suppliers reveals their current product portfolios of the top 20 suppliers but also their future outlook. The combination of their diversified portfolios, their market share, their future outlook and their key characteristics provides a clear insight of their business plan and their developing and growth potential.

The 130-page report contains 37 charts and graphs but also 70 in-depth tables that add visual analysis in order to explain developing trends within the automotive ADAS market.

Visiongain provides: -

 The Ranking of the 20 leading Suppliers of ADAS in 2016 by revenues ($ billion) from the Automotive ADAS Market;
 Market Share allocation (%) in the Automotive ADAS Market 2016 for each one of the leading 20 companies;
 Profiles and detailed analysis of the leading 20 companies within the Automotive ADAS market for 2016 comprising:
o Analysis of their role in the Automotive ADAS market including the analysis of the performance of the segment responsible for the ADAS coupled with sales figures for sensors (where available);
o Overview of their Automotive ADAS portfolio up-to-date segmented into ADAS End-User Applications and ADAS sensors;
o Company financials (Group Revenues, Profits) and segmentation by Product or Business Segment;
o Outlook for their Market Share in the ADAS Market;
 Examination of the Status of the Automotive ADAS Market in 2016 including:
o Analysis of the Composition of the Top 20 Ranking in the ADAS Market 2016 with regards to the Shares of the Leading 20 companies (Competition, Revenue concentration);
o Overview of the most notable M&A within the Automotive ADAS Market;
o Analysis of the Market Value ($bn) of the ADAS Market in 2016 and the current market drivers and restraints;
o Regional and Global Average Penetration of ADAS in 2016 (%);
 Analysis of the Status of the Automotive ADAS Sensors in 2016 comprising:
o Overview of the ADAS Sensors utilised in each one of the ADAS End-User Application;
o Assessment of the Sales volume (Million Units) of ADAS Sensors in 2016 by Sensor Type: Radar, Camera, Lidar, Ultrasonic;
o Presentation of the Market Value ($bn) of the ADAS Sensors in 2016 coupled with their Average Pricing Assumption ($);
 Segmentation of the ADAS Market in 2016:
o Market Value ($bn) of each one of the 14 individual ADAS Submarkets (End-User Applications together with their Shares in the Market;
 Conclusions & recommendations

The Top 20 Automotive Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Companies 2016: Leading Suppliers of Sensors & Semiconductors to OEMs report will be of value to current and future potential investors into the automotive industry, as well as companies and research centres who wish to broaden their knowledge of the Automotive Composites market.

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