The Market For Needle-Free Injection Devices Will Reach $1.98 Billion In 2020, According To New Visiongain Data.

05 September 2018

A new visiongain report forecasts that overall worldwide sales of needle-free injection devices will reach $1.98 billion in 2020, with further strong expansion possible. That revenue prediction and other commercial prospects appear in Medical Device Leader Series: Top Needle-Free Injection Device Developers, Manufacturers and Marketers in 2016 – Market Analysis Including Antares Pharma, PharmaJet, Mylan and Other Firms in North America, Europe, Israel and Asia Pacific, Covering Jet Injectors, Transdermal Patches, Microneedles, Pen Injectors and Other Drug Delivery Systems.

That updated, expanded study emerged in June 2016. Visiongain is a business information publisher and consultancy in London, UK. Its purpose is to help organisations assess developments and potentials of industries and markets in healthcare and other fields.

Visiongain’s report analyses 28 leading companies in the needle-free medical injections industry. That work assesses their products, R&D and potentials, as well as examining opportunities, challenges and trends affecting competitors in that market. The report covers top needle-free injection companies in the US, Europe, Israel, China, India, Singapore, South Korea and Australia.

That work predicts the global needle-free injection market will continue to expand its revenues from 2016 to 2026. That progress is driven by the prevalence of needle phobia, advances in needle-free technology and the entrance of more medical device developers, manufacturers and marketers. Furthermore, with the rise in incidence of chronic diseases, the need for safer, easier and painless drug delivery, especially for biological drugs and vaccines, will stimulate the needle-free injection devices market. Adding to that opportunity will occur rising demand from emerging national markets, as their populations gain better access to healthcare.

Aanchal Verma, a pharmaceutical industry analyst in visiongain, said: “The safety concerns and psychological phobia surrounding needles has resulted in hefty healthcare costs in terms of needle-related accidents and missed injection doses or immunization due to the fear of needles. The needle-free injection provides a safer, easier and painless alternative to needle-based drug delivery, creating demand globally.

“These benefits of needle-free injections, in combination with growth in biologic drugs, increased mass immunization, rise in incidences of chronic diseases and improvements in technology, will drive the needle-free injection market. The needle-free injection devices market is still in its growth phase and is expected to expand steadily as more companies enter the market and increase competition.”

Visiongain’s new investigation identifies 28 leading needle-free injection device manufacturers in 2016, applying the following methods:

• Analysis of top companies’ needle-free injection products and technologies
• Investigation of firms’ research and development
• Coverage of organisations’ strengths, weaknesses, activities, outlooks and prospects
• Revenue forecasting and discussions for that industry from 2016 to 2026
• Comments from the CEO of a leading company, revealing insight in our interview
• Assessment - SWOT and STEP analyses - of the market.

Companies that visiongain’s survey assesses include the following:

• Antares Pharma
• Bioject Medical Technologies
• Activa Brand Products
• D’Antonio Consultants International
• National Medical Products
• Medical International Technologies
• Penjet Corporation
• PharmaJet
• Valeritas
• 3M
• Zogenix
• Mylan
• Becton, Dickinson and Company
• Portal Instruments
• Akra Dermojet
• Crossject Medical Technology
• Glide Pharma
• Merck KGaA
• Spirit Healthcare
• AstraZeneca.

Top Needle-Free Injection Device Developers, Manufacturers and Marketers in 2016 adds to visiongain’s reports on industries and markets in healthcare. That portfolio covers pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics and outsourced services. Each year new and updated studies appear there, serving readers worldwide.

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