“the global aircraft and marine turbocharger market size is anticipated to expand in the coming years”, says Visiongain

23 September 2019

Aircraft and Marine Turbochargers Market Report 2019-2029: Forecasts by Platform (Aircraft, Marine, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)), Component (Compressor, Turbine, Shaft), Technology (Single Turbo, Twin Turbo, Electro-Assist Turbo), by Region and Analysis of Leading Companies indicates that the Global Aircraft and Marine Turbochargers Market was valued at $360 million by 2029.


Turbocharger refers to a centrifugal blower providing high-pressure air to increase the power of the internal combustion engines (IC). By high compressed air, the turbine pushes the engine piston, which improves the engine's torque and effectiveness. Due to the several benefits provided by these systems such as high torque, lower emission rate, and engine downsizing, the market is anticipated to show significant development during the forecast period. The turbocharger's vibrant design operates best on high-speed circumstances without any external power source as the waste energy is reused.


Exponential increase in demand for cost-effective and fuel-efficient motors has resulted in increased turbocharger acceptance across sectors such as, marine, and aerospace & defence. As a result, the global aircraft and marine turbocharger market size is anticipated to expand in the coming years due to rising demand for energy-efficient engines and optimized air pollution. Great demand for fuel-efficient motors and advances in technology, particularly in the turbocharger segment, would give a enormous boost to market growth.


It is anticipated that the global market for aircraft and marine turbochargers will expand as this system will be cost-effective with low maintenance costs, which will have a positive effect on general market growth benefiting both OEMs and end customers. One of the main drivers for the global market for aircraft and marine turbochargers is the growing global market fleet of small aircraft & ships. In addition, it is estimated that the growing use of these tiny aircraft & boats in recreational operations will increase Aircraft and Marine Turbochargers demand over the coming years.


During the forecast period, growing concerns about quality of air and strict emission standards for aircraft and marine motors will increase the development of aircraft and marine turbochargers. The substantial rise in the use of aircraft and marine turbochargers in internal combustion engines and the important installation of high-performance and diesel spark-ignition engines are also probable to stimulate development in the global aircraft and marine turbochargers industry over the forecast period

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