• Visiongain Publishes Dynamic Export Cable Market Report 2021-2031

    The pace of progress and development of the global supply chain is likely to be strongly influenced in the near term by the growth in turbine generating capacity, rising toward 15 MW.

  • Visiongain Publishes Static Compensator Market Report 2021-2031

    In recent years, battery energy storage (BES) techniques are fast developing due to the advancement of power electronics and battery technology. This leads to their increasing applications in power systems for different objectives.

  • Visiongain Publishes Molten Salt Reactors Market Report 2021-2031

    The aim of this report is to provide detailed market, technology and industry analyses to help readers quantify and qualify the market for molten salt reactors technologies used in to generate electricity. Special emphasis is given to ongoing research into improved efficiencies of molten salt reactors.

  • Visiongain Publishes Canadian Oil & Gas Market Report 2021-2035

    Large proven oil & gas reserves of Canada coupled with growing investments in the building the country’s oil & gas infrastructure is expected to augment the demand for Canadian oil & gas. Favourable government policies and high demand for LNG from countries other than the U.S. is also anticipated to drive demand over the forecast period.

  • Visiongain Publishes Geothermal Power Market Report 2021-2031

    Low operating costs associated with geothermal electricity generation drove the market during the historic period. Low operating costs associated with geothermal power encouraged many companies to invest in this market, contributing to the market growth.