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14 January 2020

waste management in marketplace

As populations grow steadily around the world, so too does the need for innovative waste management solutions and new technologies for waste disposal. For businesses in the waste management marketplace, keeping up with new trends and changes is important to foster lasting success in the industry. That’s why Visiongain is here to help, offering in-depth market insight and analysis in a variety of industry verticals. 

Here we’ve collected some of the most exciting new trends in waste management solutions, so read on. 

DS Smith Brings Coffee Cup Recycling Solutions to Europe 

Recently, coffee cup and packaging manufacturers DS Smith announced the implementation of a new recycling program geared toward Europe’s Benelux region. The new recycling program will be located at the company’s De Hoop Mill in the Netherlands. By partnering with collection firm Renewi, a recent trial program successfully recycled 100,000 coffee cups. But that’s just a fraction of what they hope to accomplish: the recycling of the more than 4.5 billion recyclable cups used throughout the region on an annual basis. 

New “Pay-as-You-Throw” Waste Collection Services

One innovative company, Biffa, is enabling consumers and businesses to use a downloadable app or book private waste collection services online or via phone. Known as “Skoup,” clients have the option of reserving a bin collection starting at just £10, van waste disposal services from £99, or trash truck rentals starting at £130. The impetus for the idea stems from a comprehensive survey the company performed that found that homes and businesses are wasting loads of space storing junk they’ll never use. 

New Scheme Tackles Tons of Plastics in the UK 

This new technology is aimed specifically at “agri-plastics.” Farmers use things like crop covers and silage wraps on a regular basis to stabilize growing temperatures, in addition to protecting crops against harmful bugs and pests. The new project started by Agriculture, Plastic, and Environment UK (APE UK) aims to provide farmers with a sustainable way to dispose of such plastics. 

According to recent reports, 44,000 tonnes of these plastics hit the market in the UK each year but only approximately 35 percent of them are later recycled. This provides great opportunities in the European solid waste disposal marketplace for businesses that want to get in on the ground floor.

Keep up with the competition with solid waste disposal market insight! 

If you’re a business or leader in the solid waste disposal industry, Visiongain can provide you with important data to make key decisions in the coming years. Our market forecasts and reports are compiled from the most current primary and secondary sources by industry experts, giving you all the necessary insight to gain an edge in the waste disposal sector. 

With more than 1,500 reports spanning over 18 market verticals, it’s easy to find about new technologies and emerging trends from Visiongain. Contact us online for more information or call +44 (0) 20 7549 9987


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