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The 20 Leading Companies in the Natural Gas Market 2013

Competitive Landscape Analysis

PUBLISHED: 27 June 2013
PAGES: 175

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The natural gas market is currently undergoing a period of rapid transition, marked by a significant boom in gas production. Technological advances such as directional well drilling and hydraulic fracturing have considerably increased gas production in North America, where abundant gas supplies have pushed down gas prices. Many companies operating in the region have seen strong growth in their gas output in recent years, though the continued low price of gas in North America is creating challenges for companies.

Meanwhile, with the rapid expansion of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) over the past decade, trade of gas through intercontinental LNG tankers has expanded and the industry is no longer just dependent on land based pipelines. This has made gas markets more open and competitive than was previously envisaged, ensuring that companies need to seek ways to stay ahead of their rivals.

Escalating demand for natural gas – particularly in Asia – and a desire on the part of many countries to switch from coal to cleaner burning gas are also important trends currently providing plentiful opportunities for the leading natural gas companies, along with companies currently outside the top 20 list. This report examines the largest gas producers in the market at present and their expected rates of growth, as well as their geographical focus and future plans.

What makes this report unique?

The report analyses the top 20 companies in the natural gas market in 2013, showing their revenues, gas development and LNG infrastructure projects, gas production market share, strengths and weaknesses, opportunities for growth and threats imposed on their operations, the type and location of projects, as well as an assessment of each company's future outlook.

Visiongain reports are compiled using a broad and rich mixture of both primary and secondary information to produce an accurate picture of the current status of the gas market and the leading companies within it. In order to provide our clients with the best possible product, Visiongain analysts consult market leading companies and industry experts. This is compiled with financial data and operational information to ensure an objective overview of the market.

Other research sources used to produce this report include annual reports, financial press releases, investor relations presentations, recent and proposed operations, news reports, online and in-house databases, industry journals and information supplied by companies. Visiongain believes this diverse approach, with direct industry input, produces an accurate and objective approach on which to base the market share calculations and analysis included in this report.

Why you should buy The 20 Leading Companies in the Natural Gas Market 2013: Competitive Landscape Analysis

• 175 pages of comprehensive analysis.
• 125 tables, charts and graphs analysing and comparing each of the leading 20 natural gas companies and their position within the market.
• You will find a competitive analysis of the leading 20 companies in the natural gas market, comparing and ranking the following:
– Gas production market share for 2012 & 2013
– Capital expenditure for 2012 & 2013
– Gas reserves
– Geographical position in the global gas market and
– Analysis of companies' likely increase, decrease or maintenance of gas production rates over the next five years.
– Overall revenues
– Number of employees
• Analysis of the leading 20 companies in the natural gas market including –
– Anadarko Petroleum
– BG Group
– BP
– Chevron Corporation
– Chesapeake
– ConocoPhillips
– Devon Energy Corporation
– EnCana
– Eni
– EOG Resources
– ExxonMobil Corporation
– Gazprom
– Petrobras
– Qatar Petroleum (Qatar Gas)
– Royal Dutch Shell
– Sonatrach
– Statoil
– Total
• A SWOT analysis for each of the leading 20 natural gas companies illustrating their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
• A comparison of regional markets by rate of gas production and gas reserves.
• A comprehensive overview of the most important trends in the natural gas market, shaping decisions of the major companies.
• A PEST analysis of the overall natural gas market, covering the critical political, economic, social and technological issues influencing companies in the natural gas market.

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