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The 20 Leading Companies in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) 2013: A Competitive Analysis

PUBLISHED: 24 January 2013
PAGES: 165

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Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technologies are used to increase the amount of oil that can be extracted from an oil field after the primary and secondary production stages. The leading 20 players in the EOR market comprise a broad range of companies, including the six supermajors, large state-owned, or part state-owned, companies, and smaller private energy companies. Some of the leading players have diversified their EOR operations to include thermal, gas and chemical methods, often in numerous global locations, while others have focused their investments on one type of EOR technology or one specific region.

Strong global EOR growth over the coming decade will be driven by a combination of factors, including high oil prices, ageing oil fields, rapidly escalating global energy demand, technological developments, a desire to increase energy independence, increasing EOR opportunities in heavy oil and oil sands recovery, and a desire to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This will ensure that there are significant growth opportunities for the leading EOR companies, along with companies currently outside the top 20 list.

What makes this report unique?

The report analyses the top 20 companies in the EOR market in 2013, showing their revenues from EOR projects, market share, strengths and weaknesses, the type and location of projects, as well as an assessment of each company's future outlook. Visiongain reports are complied using a broad and rich mixture of both primary and secondary information to produce an accurate picture of the current status of the EOR market and the leading companies within it. In order to provide our clients with the best possible product, Visiongain analysts consult market leading companies and industry experts. This is compiled with financial data and operational information to ensure an objective overview of the market.

Other research sources used to produce this report include SEC filings, annual reports, financial releases, investor relations presentations, recent and proposed operations, news reports, online and in-house databases, industry journals and information supplied by companies.

Visiongain believes this diverse approach, with direct industry input, produces an accurate and objective approach on which to base the market share calculations and forecast of this report.

Why you should buy The 20 Leading Companies in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) 2013: A Competitive Analysis

• 165 pages of comprehensive analysis
• 107 tables, charts, and graphs quantifying the market in detail
• A competitive analysis of the leading 20 companies in the enhanced oil recovery (EOR) market, comparing and ranking market value, the size and location of projects, and the EOR methods utilised:
– BP
– Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL)
– Cenovus Energy Inc.
– Chevron Corporation
– China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC)
– ConocoPhillips
– Denbury Resources
– Devon Energy Corporation
– ExxonMobil Corporation
– Kinder Morgan
– Lukoil
– Nexen Inc. / China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC)
– Occidental Petroleum Corporation
– Pemex
– Petrobras
– Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)
– Royal Dutch Shell
– Suncor Energy
– Total
• Market share data and analysis of the top 20 EOR companies based on direct income from EOR projects in 2012 and expected earnings for 2013
• A SWOT analysis illustrating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to each of the leading 20 EOR companies
• Data and analysis of the size (bpd), location, and type of EOR projects operated by each company
• Analysis of which companies are likely to increase, decrease or maintain their position in the market over the next year, as well as information on each company's longer-term outlook.
• Information on other companies involved in the EOR market
• A comprehensive overview of the most important trends in the EOR market, shaping the decisions of the major companies
• A PEST analysis of the EOR market, covering the critical political, economical, social and technological issues influencing companies in the industry
• Analysis of some of the technological advances currently taking place in the market

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