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Small Cells Market 2014-2019

Femtocell, Picocell, & Microcell Prospects for LTE, SONs, Wireless Offloading & Heterogeneous Networks

PUBLISHED: 26 September 2014
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The mobile market is at a turning point. In 2013, smartphones outsold feature phones for the first time, while tablets are expected to outsell PCs by 2015. With the increasing mobility advantage offered by these devices, consumers have come to expect a high standard of network connectivity at all times. More than ever before, social media, internet browsing, video streaming, and applications dominate mobile phone usage. With the proliferation of these devices, global data traffic has increased from 820 petabytes/month in 2012 to 1.5 exabytes/month in 2013.

Consequently, operators are finding themselves in a capacity crunch, vying to increase network capacity and mobile broadband speeds without incurring crippling capital and operational expenditures.

Heterogeneous networks are the leading solution to emerge: using small cells to fill gaps left in the network by macrocells, as well as increase capacity in high-traffic areas. Along with small costs, the ease of deploying and maintaining small cells has made them an invaluable asset to operators in the LTE era.

Visiongain expects 1.7 million new small cell deployments globally in 2014.

Deployments of femtocells, picocells, and microcells will explode over the next five years, in residential, enterprise, and public access spheres. Driven by rapidly multiplying mobile broadband demand, the development of multimode devices, and a worldwide shift to LTE, the small cells market promises to be a lucrative sector for players throughout the ecosystem.

As the developed markets begin to move towards comprehensive LTE coverage, small cells will become an integral part of network architecture. The industry is witnessing a tremendous shift in network strategy and planning, one that revolves around a more intricate nexus of compact, high-performance elements.

The small cells market will experience significant growth through the forecast period, simultaneously driving innovation in fibre-optic and multi-gigabit millimetre wave backhaul, IP-based core networks, heterogeneous and self-organising networks. These are the optimal and inevitable solutions to industry-wide questions on mobile network capacity.

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What is the future of the Small Cells market? Visiongain’s comprehensive analysis contains highly quantitative content, delivering solid conclusions. This will illustrate new opportunities and potential revenue streams helping you to remain competitive. This definitive report will benefit your decision making and help to direct your future business strategy.

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In this 143 page report, we guarantee that you will receive the following key information

• View Small Cells market analysis to keep your knowledge ahead of your competition and ensure you exploit key business opportunities
– Quantification and forecast of Small Cells revenue and number of deployments from 2014-2019, expressed globally and regionally in the five following regions and further subdivided by the 3 small cell submarket types by revenue and deployments providing 30 discrete forecasts
– North America
– Latin America
– Asia-Pacific
– Europe
– The Middle East and Africa

• Small cell submarket forecasts by type from 2014-2024
– Global industry segmentation give Depth to our analysis. We have studied the following revenue streams and provide forecast for each at the global level and within each region in terms of revenue and deployments providing 30 distinct forecasts
– Femtocells
– Picocells
– Microcells

• Our report provides 62 tables, charts, and graphs.
– Let our analysts guide you with a thorough assessment of the Small Cells market’s leaders, innovators, incumbents, and challengers.
– This analysis will achieve quicker, easier understanding of key Small Cells markets and how consumer demand will fluctuate over time

• Profiles of the leading companies within the Small Cells industry
– Our report reveals the technologies and companies which hold the greatest potential. In particular, exploring and analyzing the activities of these companies: See where the expected gains will be. View Visiongain’s assessment of the prospects for established competitors, rising companies, and new market entrants. Our work explains that potential, helping you stay ahead. Gain a thorough understanding of the competitive landscape with profiles of 49 leading Small Cells ecosystem players, examining their positioning, capabilities, product portfolios, R&D activity, services, focus, strategies, M&A activity, and future outlook.
– Ablaze Wireless
– Acme Pac
– Agilent Technologies
– Airspan
– Alcatel-Lucent
– Altobridge
– Aricent Group
– AT&T
– BLiNQ Networks
– Blu Wireless Technologies
– BridgeWave Communications
– Broadcom
– Cisco Systems
– Comba
– DragonWave
– EDX Wireless
– Ericsson
– Fastback Networks
– Fujitsu
– Hitachi
– Huawei
– iDirect
– Infovista
– Intracom Telecom
– Ip.access
– Juni Global
– MimoOn and Tektelic
– Mindspeed Technologies
– NEC Corporation
– Nokia Siemens Networks
– Option N.V.
– PicoCELA
– Qualcomm
– RadiSys
– Rakon
– Ranplan
– Samsung
– SK Telesys
– SoftBank
– SpiderCloud Wireless
– Stoke
– Tatara Systems
– Ubiquisys
– Vodafone

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Visiongain's report is for anyone requiring analysis of the Small Cells market. You will discover market forecasts, technological trends, predictions and expert opinion providing you with independent analysis derived from our extensive primary and secondary research. Only by purchasing this report will you receive this critical business intelligence revealing where revenue growth is likely and where the lucrative potential market prospects are. Don’t miss this key opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

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