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Small Arms Market Forecast 2017-2027

By End-User (Military, Law Enforcement, Hunting, Sports, Self-Defence), by Firing System (Gas-Operated, Recoil-Operated, Manually-Operated), by Type (Pistol, Revolver, Rifle, Machine Gun, Shotgun), and by Region and Key National Markets, Including the US, Germany, India and More

PUBLISHED: 03 July 2017
PAGES: 190

WOOCS 2.2.1

Small arms are procured for a variety of purposes, ranging from sporting through to defence applications. As a result, the market outlook for this area of the defence sector is positive. Visiongain assesses the market to be valued at $3.9bn in 2017 and with continued advancement and sustained market demand, Visiongain has forecast growth for the Small Arms market.

Key benefits of purchasing this report
• Learn About the Future Small Arms Industry Outlook– The Small Arms regional market forecasts will confirm and underpin your own analysis
• Keep Up To Speed With Small Arms submarkets– Find submarket forecasts for the following segments:
• By End-User
– Military
– Law Enforcement
– Hunting
– Sports
– Self-Defence
• By Firing System
– Gas-Operated
– Recoil-Operated
– Manually Operated
• By Type
– Pistol
– Revolver
– Rifle
– Machine Gun
– Shotgun
• Stay Informed About Small Arms – Read Visiongain’s Porter’s Five Forces analysis of the market.
• Save Time Researching with Visiongain’s drivers and restraints analysis
• Reinforce Your Business Case For Small Arms – Substantiate you research proposal with our regional and national forecasts, segmented as follows
• North America
– US
– Canada
• Europe
– Germany
– France
– UK
– Russia
– Rest of Europe
• Asia Pacific
– Japan
– China
– India
– Rest of Asia Pacific
• Rest of the World
• Enhance Your Small Arms Presentations – Find 252 table & charts that you can utilise to illustrate your point in your Small Arms investment proposal.
• Maintain An Advantage In Small Arms – Visiongain’s submarket, regional and national market forecasts will inform

Example Table

Small Arms Market Forecast 2017-2027

Target readership
• Arms manufacturers
• Weapons specialists
• Leading defence companies
• R&D engineers
• Technologies
• Suppliers
• Consultancies
• Banks
• Government agencies
• Agencies

As well as anyone involved in the Small Arms market
With 252 tables and charts and a total length of 190 pages, this report is a fantastic opportunity to increase your knowledge of this sector. Porter’s Five Forces analysis, as well as analysis of the drivers and restraints for the overall market concisely informs you of the major factors affecting this market, whilst Visiongain’s data-rich approach provides greater insight into this market.

Visiongain is a trading partner with the US Federal Government
CCR Ref number: KD4R6

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