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Global Soldier Modernisation Market 2013-2023

PUBLISHED: 21 March 2013
PAGES: 242

WOOCS 2.2.1

As traditional forms of warfare continue to develop and military operations become more complex in both scope and approach, the modernisation of soldiers in order to combat such changes is an important focus point for both established and emerging markets around the world. Despite the effects of global economic stagnation, defence spending cuts and significant operational withdrawal over the next few years, investment is expected to focus on integrated soldier systems and Soldier Modernisation Programmes (SMPs) which are designed to improve situational awareness, increase soldier connectivity and communications, enhance soldier protection, generate greater power and energy and look to reduce the overall weight burden on the individual soldier. Visiongain has therefore determined that the value of the global soldier modernisation market will reach $892.6m in 2013.

Why you should buy the Global Soldier Modernisation Market 2013-2023

• Stay ahead with this comprehensive analysis of the global soldier modernisation market prospects
– The report comprises 242 pages.
• Get ahead by studying highly quantitative content that delivers solid conclusions benefiting your research and analysis
– 219 tables, charts, and graphs quantifying and forecasting the market
• Read an exclusive expert opinion interview from an industry specialist informing the analysis
– Qioptiq
• View global soldier modernisation market forecasts from 2013-2023 to keep your knowledge one step ahead of the competition
• The report provides an analytical overview with detailed sales projections and analysis of the global soldier modernisation market, the competitors, and the commercial drivers and restraints.
• Keep informed about the potential for each of the soldier modernisation submarkets with forecasts from 2013-2023
– Lethality
– Sustainability
– Survivability
– Mobility
• Learn about the opportunities in 20 leading countries with soldier modernisation market forecasts between 2013-2023:
– US
– France
– China
– Germany
– UK
– Israel
– India
– Australia
– Russia
– Italy
– Singapore
– Norway
– Canada
– Benelux
– Switzerland
– Japan
– South Korea
– Poland
– South Africa
– Brazil
• Find out about the market dynamics & opportunities in 20 leading countries
– 20 detailed national tables of significant soldier modernisation contracts, projects & programmes
• Understand the competitive landscape with profiles of 15 leading soldier modernisation companies examining their positioning, products, services, focus, strategies and outlook.
– Aero Sekur
– Cassidian
– Elbit Systems
– General Dynamics C4 Systems
– Harris Corporation
– Lockheed Martin Corporation
– Qioptiq
– Raytheon Company
– Rheinmetall AG
– Rockwell Collins
– Sagem DS
– Selex ES
– Thales Group
– Ultralife Corporation
– Vectronix
• Discover the qualitative analysis informing the market forecasts
– PEST/STEP analysis of social, technological, economic and political matters, revealing what drives and restrains the soldier modernisation market and the prospects for established companies and new market entrants.

What makes this report unique?

Visiongain consulted widely with industry experts and full transcripts from an exclusive interview with Qioptiq is included in the report. As such, our reports have a unique blend of primary and secondary sources providing informed analysis. This methodology allows insight into the key drivers and restraints behind market dynamics and competitive developments, as well as identifying the technological issues. The report therefore presents an ideal balance of qualitative analysis combined with extensive quantitative data including global, submarket and regional markets forecasts from 2013-2023 – all identifying strategic business opportunities.

How the Global Soldier Modernisation Market 2013-2023 report can benefit you

Visiongain's report is for anyone requiring analysis of the global soldier modernisation industry and market. You will discover market forecasts, technological trends, predictions and expert opinion providing you with independent analysis derived from our extensive primary and secondary research. Only by purchasing this report will you receive this critical business intelligence revealing where revenue growth is likely and where the lucrative potential market prospects are.

If you buy our report today your knowledge will stay one step ahead of your competitors. Discover how our report could benefit your research, analyses and strategic decisions, saving you time. To gain an understanding of how to tap into the potential of this market and keep one step ahead of the competition you must order now our report the Global Soldier Modernisation Market 2013-2023.

Visiongain is a trading partner with the US Federal Government
CCR Ref number: KD4R6

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