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Geotextiles Market Report 2016-2026

Forecasts By Manufacturing Process (Woven, Non-Woven, Knitted), By Application (Road Construction, Waste & Landfill, Water Construction, Others), By Material (Polypropylene, Polyester, Polyethylene) Analysis of Applications in Civil Engineering For Environmental Protection,,Erosion Control, Roads, Subsurface Drainage, Sediment Control, Separation, Filtration, Soil Reinforcement & Stress Relieving

PUBLISHED: 23 September 2016
PAGES: 153
SUBMARKET: Advanced Materials

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Geotextiles are part of the geosynthetic group of materials which include geogrids, geomembranes, geopipes, geocomposites, geosynthetic clay liners, and geonets. A wide range of sectors have used geotextiles since 1950. The first geotextiles were woven industrial fabrics. Initially, they were used for waterfront structures, then the first nonwoven geotextiles for construction purposes were developed.

Visiongain calculates the global geotextile market is worth $5.5bn in 2016. China and the US are the biggest markets, each with a significant share in 2016. These are followed by the Indian and Japanese markets.. Russia, China and Japan have the most dynamic growth among the national markets, although this varies by process and application.

Visiongain’s report reveals where these market growth opportunities are, keeping you informed and ahead of your competitors. Gain that competitive advantage.

This report answers questions such as:
• How is the geotextiles market evolving?
• What are the drivers and restraints of the geotextiles market?
• What are the market shares of the materials, applications, delivery systems and products of the geotextiles market in 2016?
• How will each geotextiles submarket by material, applications and manufacturing process grow over the forecast period and how much revenue will these submarkets account for in 2026?
• Which trends and developments will prevail and how will these shifts be responded to?
• How will political factors influence the regional geotextiles markets and submarkets?
• Will leading national geotextiles markets broadly follow the macroeconomic dynamics, or will individual country sectors outperform the rest of the economy?
• How will the market shares of the geotextiles national markets change by 2026 and which geographical region will lead the market in 2026?
• Who are the leading geotextiles players and what are their prospects over the forecast period?

Reasons why you must order and read this report today:

• The report provides detailed profiles of 10 leading companies operating within the geotextile market:
– Agru America Inc.
– Amcol International Corporation (Now Mineral Technologies)
– Belton Industries Inc.
– Carthage Mills
– Contech Engineered Solutions LLC
– E. I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company
– Fibertex Nonwoven A/S
– Fiberweb PLC (Now Avintiv)
– Gundle/SLT Environmental Inc. (GSE)
– HOV Environment Solutions Private Limited

• The study reveals the geotextile market forecast by leading national markets from 2016 to 2026:
– Chinese Geotextile Market 2016-2026
– United States of America Geotextile Market 2016-2026
– Indian Geotextile Market 2016-2026
– Japanese Geotextile Market 2016-2026
– Russian Geotextile Market 2016-2026
– Italian Geotextile Market 2016-2026
– Denmark Geotextile Market 2016-2026
– Netherlands Geotextile Market 2016-2026
– UK Geotextile Market 2016-2026
– German Geotextile Market 2016-2026
– Brazilian Geotextile Market 2016-2026
– United Arab Emirates (UAE) Geotextile Market 2016-2026
– RoW Geotextile Market Forecast 2016-2026

Geotextiles Market Report 2016-2026

• Our overview also forecasts geotextile applications from 2016 to 2026:
– Road Construction Submarket Forecast 2016-2026
– Waste and Landfill Submarket Forecast 2016-2026
– Water Construction Submarket Forecast 2016-2026
– Other Applications Submarket Forecast 2016-2026

• Our overview also forecasts geotextile manufacturing process submarkets from 2016 to 2026:
– Nonwoven Manufacturing Process Submarket Forecast 2016-2026
– Woven Manufacturing Process Submarket Forecast 2016-2026
– Knitted Manufacturing Process Submarket Forecast 2016-2026

• Our overview also forecasts geotextile material submarkets from 2016 to 2026:
– Polypropylene Submarket 2016-2026
– Polyethylene Submarket 2016-2026
– Polyester Submarket Forecast 2016-2026

How will you benefit from this report?
This comprehensive report will:
• Enhance your strategic decision making
• Full understanding and potential business opportunities in the geotextiles market
• Show which emerging market opportunities to focus upon.
• Increase your Industry knowledge and positioning in the geotextiles market
• Run a successfully a new marketing strategy
• Build new partnerships available in the geotextiles market
• Keep you up to date with crucial geotextiles market developments and issues
• Allow you to develop informed growth strategies
• Build your technical and management market insight
• Illustrate trends to develop new business opportunities
• Strengthen your analysis of competitors’ innovation and its market penetration.
• Provide risk analysis, helping you avoid the pitfalls other companies could make
• Ultimately. Engage effectively your internal and external stakeholders.

Competitive advantage
This independent 153 page report guarantees you will remain better informed than your competition. With 169 tables and figures examining the geotextile market space, leading market forecasts, as well as analysis from 2016-2026, the report will help you to design an effective sales strategy.

Don’t miss out
This report is essential reading for you or anyone with a desire to penetrate the geotextiles market or increase sales. Purchasing this report today will help you to recognise those important market opportunities and understand the possibilities there. We look forward to receiving your order.

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