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Generic Drugs: World Market 2013-2023

PUBLISHED: 13 November 2012
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Your guide to trends and sales potential for generics

Where's the generic drugs market heading? Visiongain's updated report gives you revenue predictions to 2023. There you find data, trends, opportunities and commercial prospects.

That new study lets you assess forecasted sales at overall world market and national level. You discover the potential of the generics market, seeing how, why and where it can grow. As pharma patents expire, much opportunity remains.

Forecasts and other analyses to help you find growth potentials

In our report you find revenue forecasting to 2023, historical data, growth rates and market shares. Also, you see qualitative analysis (inc. SWOT), progress, competition, developments and business outlooks. You receive 48 tables, 36 charts and six research interviews.

Our work lets you investigate the most lucrative areas of the generics industry. See the outlook for that large, expanding pharmaceutical segment. Spending restraints will benefit it.

You can stay ahead in knowledge, benefiting your research and analyses. The following sections show what you discover in our study.

Leading national markets – where will high growth occur?

In addition to analyses of the overall world market, you discover individual revenue forecasts for seven developed national markets, with sales data from 2011 to 2023.
• US
• Japan
• Germany, France, UK, Italy and Spain (EU5).

Also our work shows you individual forecasts to 2023 for seven developing countries:
• Brazil, Russian Federation, India and China (BRIC nations)
• Turkey, South Korea and Mexico.

There will be growth in established pharma markets and in developing countries. Our analyses show that Japan, India, Mexico and Brazil, in particular, will achieve high revenue growth to 2016. You see what's likely to happen. Events will influence that market.

What issues will affect the generics industry?

Our study discusses matters affecting that sector from 2012 onwards:
• US, European and Japanese regulations
• Authorised, branded and other generics, including modified products
• Patent expiries and business strategies, including patenting challenges
• Generic drug prescribing linked to budgetary constraints
• Growing consumer acceptance of generic medicines
• M&A activities, including entry of big pharma companies.

Also you find coverage of these aspects:
• European pricing systems and generic penetration
• Price changes, trends, prescribers and pharmacies
• Patient co-payment
• ANDAs and approvals
• Pathways to the market for biosimilars
• Product differentiation.

See what the future holds. You find discussions of commercial, technological, regulatory and economic issues, with emphasis on the competitive landscape and sales predictions.

Leading companies and market value in 2013

Overall world revenue for generic medicines will reach $127.8bn in 2013, our report forecasts. Rising demand for prescription drugs, expanding healthcare coverage, payers favouring generics and changes to prescribing will increase sales to 2023.

Also, our investigation discusses these specialty companies and others:
• Teva Pharmaceutical Industries
• Sandoz (Novartis)
• Mylan
• Apotex
• Hospira
• Watson Pharmaceuticals.

From this decade onwards, many opportunities will arise for generics specialists and other pharma companies producing those medicines. You see how revenues can increase.

Nine ways Generic Drugs: World Market 2013-2023 benefits you

To sum up, our report gives you the following knowledge on the topic:
• Predicted revenues to 2023 for the overall world generics market – find the industry's prospects
• Forecasting to 2023 for 14 countries in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America – see national sales prospects
• Profiles of 6 leading companies – hear about products, results and strategies
• Opinions on the sector – discover our interviews with leaders in industry
• IP policy and other regulations – see what affects market access and entry
• Patent expiry – find prominent drug brands facing generic competition
• Trends of prescribers and healthcare payers – assess developments
• Competition and opportunities influencing sales – see what affects the future
• Discussions of what stimulates and restrains the industry and market – find trends, drivers and restraints.

Benefit from our analyses, gaining information found nowhere else

That work gives independent analysis from our primary and secondary research. You receive business intelligence found only in our study, seeing where prospects are lucrative and growth is likely.

With our report you are less likely to fall behind in knowledge or miss opportunity. Discover how our work could benefit your research, analyses and decisions, saving you time and getting you recognition for commercial insight.

Ordering now lets you investigate prospects to 2023 for generic medicines

Visiongain's study is for everyone needing analysis of the pharmaceutical industry and market. You find data, trends and predictions. Please ask for our report now.

Visiongain is a trading partner with the US Federal Government
CCR Ref number: KD4R6

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