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Gene Therapy R&D and Revenue Forecasts 2016-2026

Prospects for Drugs Treating Cancer, Cardiovascular Disorders, Eye Conditions, Rare Diseases and Other Needs

PUBLISHED: 28 January 2016
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Gene Therapies – Discover Revenue Predictions and See How Treating Cancer, Cardiovascular Disorders and Other Chronic Diseases Progresses
What does the future hold for gene therapy? What progress and sales are possible? Avoid struggles to gain that business data. Instead find the best places for expanding revenues, also understanding trends, technologies, therapies and opportunities.

Visiongain’s new 2016 report gives you revenue forecasts to 2026 for the world gene therapies market, submarkets and leading products. Avoid missing out. There investigate that applied molecular genetics, discovering its most promising uses.

See what gains are possible. Please read on to explore that industry and discover how high its revenues can go.

Scope of our analysis – the technologies whose potential you discover
In this report Visiongain defines gene therapy as products modifying the expression of particular genes or correcting abnormal genes.

Therefore this study excludes some agents that may be considered as gene therapies under wider definitions, such as gene silencing and oligonucleotide therapies, antisense therapy and immune system stimulators.

Gene Therapy R&D and Revenue Forecasts 2016-2026

Forecasts and other analyses showing opportunities in those genetic technologies
Besides revenue forecasting to 2026, our analyses show results, growth rates and market shares. There you find original analysis. Our work also explains research and development. In that new report you gain 46 tables, 25 charts and three interviews.

Now make your searching for data on gene therapies easier. Also save time and benefit your insight and authority. That way you can benefit your research, analysis and decisions, helping you see where progress and money lie.

Stay ahead in knowledge. See what is possible for the therapeutic delivery of nucleic acid polymers into patients’ cells to treat diseases. The following sections show how Visiongain’s new investigation helps your work.

Prospects for the overall world market and segments – what is possible?
What are the secrets of that industry’s progress? Along with our prediction of the overall world market value for gene therapies, our study shows you individual revenue forecasting of five submarkets to 2026 at world level, with discussions:
• Cancer (oncology)
• Cardiovascular diseases
• Rare medical conditions, including inherited disorders
• Ophthalmological disorders
• Other applications of that genetic biotechnology in human healthcare.

Which segment will achieve highest sales? Which has fastest predicted revenue growth? See how and why those commercial uses in human healthcare will develop, prosper and gain in importance.

For developers, producers and sellers, assess how those next-generation medicines generate revenues. Also gauge potential successes from 2016, assessing the most lucrative applications.

Products – discover sales forecasting for leading gene therapies
Our study shows you individual revenue predictions to 2026 for two marketed products:
• Glybera
• Neovasculgen.

That report also discusses these brands: Gendicine and Oncorine. Our analyses include revenue forecasting to 2026 for these six drug candidates:
• GSK2696273 (GSK)
• Collategene/AMG0001 (AnGes MG/Vical)
• BC-819 (BioCancell)
• Lenti-D (Bluebird Bio)
• SPK-RPE65 (Spark Therapeutics)
• Invossa/TissueGene-C (TissueGene/Kolon Life Science).

In particular our investigation discusses 12 leading compounds in development. The market will expand through the approval and launch of many products from 2016.

That way see what is possible. The momentum of gene therapy R&D continues, with reportedly more than 2,000 clinical studies worldwide. Stay ahead in knowledge.

Our study explains what the future holds, discussing issues to help your work.

Developments, challenges and opportunities affecting researchers, producers and users
Our investigation lets you assess trends, R&D and outlooks for gene therapy. There you find discussions of forces, progress and potentials:
• Overcoming challenges when replacing dysfunctional genes, inactivating (knocking out) mutated DNA and introducing a modified gene
• Commercial prospects of gene addition, reprogramming and correction, as well as cell elimination
• Pricing, reimbursement and gaining acceptance of the treatments, expanding their use
• R&D – assess leading drug candidates, especially for treating cancer, cardiovascular diseases, genetic disorders and other hard-to-treat conditions
• Changing market shares – applications in oncology becoming more prominent, giving pharmaceutical companies many opportunities.

Our study discusses other influences, including these:
• Translation of research into marketable products modifying human DNA – gene transfer for therapeutic use, altering the nuclear genome
• Genomic editing technology and other supporting components
• Collaborations to develop and launch gene-based products – acquisitions and licensing deals
• Supporting technologies for human genetic modification, gene replacement and targeted drug delivery
• Gene therapies for ophthalmologic diseases – next-generation medicines
• Regulations in the United States, the European Union and Japan – overcoming technological and medical challenges to pass clinical trials.

There you explore commercial strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, assessing advances and prospects. You investigate what helps and restrains developers, producers and marketers of gene therapies, benefiting your authority.

Discover in our report what the past, present and future hold for those cellular technologies.

Gene therapies – what revenue could that overall world market earn in 2020?
From 2016 those technologies, services and products hold great potential for advances, investments and sales. Our work predicts the overall market for gene therapies will reach $204m in 2020, with potential to multiply further in sales to 2026.

Our report’s author said: “That emerging market attracts interest from pharma companies and technology providers, a trend likely to continue. Gene therapies in development will bring in a new era for disease treatment and make a difference in long-term benefits for patients.”

Visiongain’s new survey examines leading companies in that field. Organisations our investigation discusses include these:
• Bristol-Myers Squibb
• Pfizer
• Bayer Healthcare
• Novartis
• uniQure
• Biogen
• Bluebird Bio
• Spark Therapeutics.

Prospects for those medical products, systems and tools are great. From 2016 there will arise many opportunities. Our work explains what is possible, helping you stay ahead in knowledge and influence.

Gene Therapy market analysis shows data and analysis you find nowhere else
In particular our new report gives you these analyses to help your research, plans, decisions and presentations:
• Overall world revenue to 2026 – see results and sales potential of the gene therapies industry
• 5 submarkets’ revenues to 2026 – investigate segments at world level, finding the most promising and lucrative applications
• 8 product revenues to 2026 – discover sales predictions for top medical agents on sale and in development, assessing their potentials
• R&D on gene therapies – explore progress, finding technological, clinical and commercial outlooks, appraising expected products
• Activities of established, rising and emerging companies – hear about firms’ capabilities, deals, portfolios, advances and prospects
• Interviews with three organisations – discover views to benefit your work, helping you assess that sector, its participants and potential
• Analysis of what stimulates and restrains that industry and market – gauge challenges and strengths, helping you compete and succeed.

That investigation shows our interviews with Lysogene, Cell Therapy Catapult and the Human Stem Cells Institute OJSC (HSCI). You receive original analysis by our in-house team in London, UK. Discover what the future holds, helping you stay ahead.

Potential for gene therapies – discover what is possible for that medical technology
With our study you gain business intelligence found only in our work. That way you find where money, progress and opportunities lie. See now what is possible.

Our analysis can benefit your influence and reputation for technological and commercial insight, helping you stay ahead of competitors and succeed.

By trying our new study you are less likely to miss opportunity or fall behind. There you explore trends, R&D and sales predications. Why wait and miss out? Instead stay ahead by getting our report here now.

Visiongain is a trading partner with the US Federal Government
CCR Ref number: KD4R6

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